Distance measurement: how to use the pedometer beads

This is a simple method of calculating the distances traveled during orienteering.

Rosary pedometer can be bought or made by hand. Alpine climbing cords and thirteen beads. Cut it over the folded cord. Post it four beads above and nine below, dividing them in a knot.

This technique is based on the length of your step and count of steps.

How to keep track of steps:

  1. measure 100 meters;
  2. walk this distance, counting each step with your left foot (use your usual step);
  3. number of pairs of steps on 100 meters and will unit of measure.

At the same time, it is necessary to repeat the process of the whole process. The average value is usually 65 pairs of steps on 100 meters of flat terrain.

How to use the pedometer beads:

  1. each of bottom nine beads one hundred meters nine beads shifted, then you have passed 900 meters);
  2. kilometer traveled (when all four beads shifted, then you have passed kilometers);
  3. passing every hundred meters (using his step counting), slide one bead from the bottom nine;
  4. shifting all nine beads and after going another hundred meters, move nine beads back and slide one of four beads (you have passed one kilometer);
  5. when will all be shifted four top beads, you will have covered kilometers;
  6. one meter nine bottom beads, slide back four top beads – five kilometers have been covered.

To check, look at the photo – how long have we been, judging by these beads?

What is all this good? This allows navigate, it improves your memory. orientation at night ().

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