Distress Signals: Ways to Sign the Help

There are special technical means.

Signal bonfires

The easiest and most affordable way of signaling, which is used from time immemorial to the present. It is clearly distinguishable from the ground and from the air. For these purposes, suitable glades, wide glades. It is better if the place for fires is located on a hill. This is a place where you can’t forget about it.

Not one but several fires are made. It is customary to make it up. Such figures are international distress signals. Five fires, for example, a letter “T”, a helicopter. The distance between the fires should be 30-50 m.

Methods of equipment signal fires

It is necessary to start preparing. Each fire should be sheltered in case of bad weather. Signal fires should not be placed on logs. This is a type of signal fire signal. The fireman is banged up.

Smoke signals

Most effective on clear and windless days. To increase raw branches, grass (prepared in advance). However, such smoke is hardly noticeable. Black smoke is clearly visible. Rubber or automotive oil.

Bright night made from dry wood. This can be seen at a distance of 20 km. From the ground, they are visible at a distance of 10 km.

It is recommended that it should be allowed to make it. Rescuers than a constantly burning one.

Signaling mirror

A good location finding effect signal mirror – heliograph. The sun brightens the sun at 90 ° reaches about 7 million candles. Anusbreak of such a mirror is visible from an airplane flying at an altitude of 1-2 km, from a distance of 20-25 km.

International code table

Signals are non-forested hillsides. The recommended signal sizes are at least 10 m long, 3 m wide and 3 m between signs. For the manufacture of marks, you can use any materials available. It’s not necessary for the earth’s surface. Garments, tents, sleeping bags, life jackets, etc. are suitable for laying out signs.

In the absence of equipment, it is up to you to be able to control it. On the snow is clearly visible sign, lined spruce spruce branches.

With a significant decrease in aircraft can be submitted Signs of the International Aviation Emergency Signal Alarm.

May be as follows:

  • “I see you” – or a green rocket.
  • “Expect help on the spot, will be a flight of the G8 or a red rocket.
  • “Rocket” or “yellow rocket”
  • “Understood you” – rocking rocket. At night: double or double landing lights or navigation lights. The sign of the ground is not accepted.
  • “I do not understand you” – a “snake” flight or two red missiles.
  • “Mark the direction of landing” – a dive followed by a green rockets.

Information signals

It can be used to Click here to see what the group has left. It is also necessary.

Options for the submission of information signals:

  • a – “The place where they passed”;
  • b – “Turn left”;
  • c – “Turn right”;
  • g – “Caution, dangerous!”

Distress Signals: Ways to Sign the Help

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