Disturbed briefcase more efficient

It is an indicative time. And if extreme survival kit If you’re still prepared alarm suitcase, the truth does not always correspond.

This is a misunderstanding of the counting restocking. But in a real BP situation. Therefore, be sure to check the contents of your alarm suitcase – It can be useful once. This is a one-time thing you can use.

It is not clear that it can be used as a rule. Therefore, we offer you 3 things that not often found in anxious suitcases. But they both weigh in a little bit.

1. Shantsevy tool

We would not advise you to leave the house without him. Despite his living in the USA, for his article disturbing backpack small domesticry shovel (commercially referred to as “sapper”) It’s a good grip and a more comfortable blade. Normally, it can be sharpened so that it can be used to make a shelter.

Digging up roots for example, or insects. Bait for fish. In addition, it is unnecessary to make sure that you’ve been sticking with the turf. And the sapper blade completely replaces the machete itself. So there is a situation for her.

2. Poncho

Military model or civil – not particularly important. For the manufacture of shelter. There are several types of very safe and inconspicuous shelters.

Better at all in alarm suitcase It is a little wrinkle. When folded, such as ponchos fit perfectly in pockets, and if they are folded properly, then in a pouch for shops to AR-15. Rain deflector and improvised stretcher.

3. Network

Where are the snakes are found. Can be also used. The network can also be used as a hammock. It was better to get it than that. And keep dry equipment. It is not a problem.

Networks can be used as a backpacker, which is especially useful in wet conditions. They are suitable for the manufacture of camouflage. It makes it difficult to alarm suitcase.

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