Disturbing suitcase

We live in a civilized society guarantee it is a matter of personal privacy, a life of privacy, and an action of privacy. We are so accustomed to the ordinary.

You can’t feel that you’re feeling comfortable. It is possible and necessary, according to the principle “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst“Assume possible scenarios and advance your actions in advance.

It is clear that it has been a peace of mind. are not always able to provide protection and assistance to its citizens. This is a question: “If suddenly …” – etc. If you’re trying to find a situation, it’s not a problem.

We will focus on the concept of “Anxious suitcase“If you are a man of natural disasters, natural disasters, or even those who live around the house,

According to Wikipedia – Alarm kit – a set of things prepared in advance. The people also bear the names “alarm suitcase”, “alarm suitcase”, “alarm backpack”, etc. The content of the situation varies significantly.

It was a schoolboy and their families. Next, we’ve included a “Disturbed suitcase.” You can’t add it The list of things tacked with them:

  • himself “disturbing suitcase”
  • clothes
  • first aid kit (caffeine + succinic acid)

Packaging – inconspicuous bag or backpack. For example)

  • Documents (+ copies) – passport, military ID, pension book, employment record, education, credit cards, credit cards, awards, birth certificate, photos, letters – in a waterproof package. Money to keep parts in different places.
  • Notebook, notebook, pen, pencil, envelopes
  • Means of communication, charging to them.
  • A small radio + batteries.
  • Knife – strong folding, or awkward, household, hunting, etc.
  • Gas spray or “Shock” with cartridges.
  • Weapons – if there is (+ permission for it). Care products. Ammo (in a reasonable amount).
  • Signal / false-signal / “hunter signal” cartridges.
  • Matches, lighter, candles, flashlight and batteries.
  • Change linen, spare socks, handkerchiefs, 2 towels.
  • Warm and replaceable clothes (sweater), warm socks, thermal underwear. (According to the season, it was spent in the fresh air.)
  • Razor and toiletries (soap – 2 pcs., Toothbrush, toothpaste, glass, shaving brush).
  • Brushes (clothes and shoe) + shoe polish.
  • Toilet paper, paper handkerchiefs.
  • Products for three days (salt, tea [coffee], sugar, lollipops, crackers, cereals, etc.; nuts, lard, smoked foods, cheese, crackers, biscuits, halva, dried fruits; if there are no canned foods and concentrates [bouillon cubes, etc.], then it is possible to choose the IRP / MRE and a flask with alcohol.
  • Water for three days in a flask / PET baklag.
  • Water filter.
  • Spoon, fork, knife, opener, cup, bowl.
  • Cape (raincoat.
  • Rescue cover.
  • 80-120 l garbage bags (if they’re an awning; they weighing nothing; they are using an extra sleeping bag if there is no rescue blanket).
  • Paracord, a coil of (kapron) cord 4-7 mm, about 10 m.
  • Disposable food bags 20×40 cm – pieces 20.
  • Manual for survival.
  • Repair kit: large / medium multitool, a wide tape of tape, thread, needles, buttons.
  • Spatula, hatchet and saw (optional), rope.
  • Dry fuel (a lot), burner (at discretion).
  • Foam, sleeping bag, awning (tent).
  • Bowler.
  • Compass, map of the surrounding area.
  • Ointment against frostbite of the face, repellent.
  • The seat is tourist. Means of protection
  • Gas mask (several different filters, device for drinking), suit L-1.
  • Improvised replacement – respirator + glasses + mask, raincoat + gloves + plastic bags on the legs.
  • Set to ensure your stay in the home: – a skein of high-strength adhesive tape, scissors; – for windows and fans (for the room where you can hide); – Sanitary supplies (including soap, water and bleach).
  • Minimum Survival Kit: (“Naz“). – Matches (10 hunting matches and cherkash, welded in polyethylene) and / or a lighter in a sealed package, 2 tablets of dry alcohol. – Bactericidal plaster 5 pieces. – Needles (2), strings (5 meters). – Means for water disinfection. – Fishing line (10 meters) with hooks (5 pieces). – A pack of condoms (without lubrication). – 2 razor blades. – String saw.

Thus, it has been previously defined that it “eliminates the risk of charges”. Separately prepared parts. Even a list of pre-requisites in advance greatly saves time during gathering. Turning off the back door.

Ready kits

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