DIY arrowheads – types of arrowheads

Tips at homeThere are many ways of making hunting or traumatic tips with the help of available tools. The following are some of them:

  1. On a sheet of tin (tin can be used from under the can), a sketch of the future tip is outlined, cut out with metal scissors. The workpiece is bent with pliers, the tip is sharpened with a knife or chisel. On the pole there are marked places where the tip will join. In these places recesses are made with a depth of 2-3 mm. The assembled tip is put on the boom, in the places of the recesses is pressed by pliers. The blade is fixed with a wire, fixed with a vice, sharpened with a file.
  2. Making tips from sleeves. To do this, you need to prepare a pole, sleeves suitable for it in diameter (from AK-47, hunting 223 caliber and others), screw, depending on the length of the tip (should be a length of less than 5-7 mm), glue. The narrow part of the sleeve is cut, the edges are processed. Then it needs to be clamped in a vice, cut the cap. The size of the drill used should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw; a hole will be drilled in the center of the capsule. Then the sleeve must be screwed onto the drill so that its diameter widens to the size of the shaft. The edges are processed with a file, lubricated with glue, the sleeve is inserted on the shaft until it stops. After that, the screw is screwed into the hole in the primer, grinded on a grinding machine.
  3. A piece of aluminum pipe is straightened to a flat state, the edges are cut to achieve the desired shape, sharpened. The shaft is smeared with glue, the tip is put on it. Another production method using an aluminum pipe: the 3 cm diameter and 8 mm diameter studs are threaded, the pipe is cut into 4 cm pieces. The pipe is inserted into the shaft with glue, and the stud is screwed into it. The ends of the studs are sharpened to achieve a pointed shape.
  4. Budget option from the lock keys. On a flat key marker need to outline the shape of the tip. Then, holding it in a vice, saw off the excess with a hacksaw, sharpen the edges of the sandpaper. From the butt of the pole, you need to make a cut for the length of the key, insert it there, roll it with a strong cord. For strength fix with glue.
  5. The edge of the nail. The nose of the shaft is selected with a knife at half the length of an ordinary nail. In the middle of the carved area you need to make a chute to place it. The nail is placed inside the gutter, wound with a strong wire.

In addition, combat tips can be made from sawn old scissors, knife blades joined together, sharpened file, stone fragment.

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