DIY bath walking

We wash you, we’re talking about health. Going for a rest, health, beauty and energy. So, a bath in a dog! And how to strengthen it? The only option is a mobile bath. Here’s how to get it, we’ll talk …

Who and why needs hiking baths?

After all the rest of the active rest, you can find out what you need to do. as God wills you. Sometimes it happens, it has been washed. No pleasure. Not only clean, but relaxed and defrosted after a good bath. The difference is huge! And you will feel it immediately! How do you rest at night? You can help yourself and your friends It is also a great option for the construction team. In general, if you’re there, then you’re sure you’re liking it.

What does a bathhouse look like?

The structure of the structure does not differ much from the usual: A steam bath for a camping bath.. It is possible to make it a bit special. Then stones are enclosed in it. Get the right amount of hot steam. If you install such a “self-made” oven “, then usually try to find the rounded stones. It is a little bit more than that. the whole structure.

It is necessary to build a frame of poles. For connecting from above. Four diagonal poles will hold the “walls” and two more – the “ceiling”. It should be noted that it was taken for a frame. This will be the steam room. To steam up, you have to throw up firewood. On the heat, too, can not count. So, this is a laborious, but “one-time” option. It is better, of course, more reliable and durable, or still splurge on the finished structure. Read all about it further.

Ready camp sauna: what, why and how

As for the finished mobile designs, there is a choice. You can buy it. It is also not necessary.

If you buy it, it’s advisable to use it, even if you buy it. as light as possible. But this is an ideal for residents and builders.

If you are planning on a frame, there will definitely be a lot of things to do. You can also buy a bath, in which the frame is already provided. In any case, it is convenient, since these awnings perfectly heat steam, unlike the plastic film. There will be only a stove for a camp bath. It is a warm, cozy and, most importantly, hermetically closed.

How to make a hiking bath: features

If you have your hands, you’re free to build it. There is nothing complicated about it. How to do it? You will need the following materials and conditions:


For the frame needed racks. Carbon fiber or aluminum will be suitable. Take ready racks from 4-seat tents. It is believed that they can not withstand the “bath” temperature, however, the practice shows that these materials are quite safe and relatively durable. You can, of course, use wooden poles, but they are unreliable and quickly fail. In addition, it is possible to worry about safety.

Covering material

If you do not buy a special polyethylene. When buying, make sure you are not buying any size. You need to cover is 6X6 m. This will be a steam room for 6 people. Some of our practical ideas. You can try and you. It is not a problem to make it.



There is plenty of firewood. The diameter of a maximum of 10-15 cm. Do not harvest too thick logs.


They also need to prepare in advance. You will need approximately a bucket of stones. Gain more – good. Pick up large rounded boulders. There is a great deal of care for you. If you have a small number of stones, you can’t get smaller pebbles.


A hiking bath is being built on the shore of the reservoir. If necessary, arrange it normally.

Phased construction instructions

Stage One

There is a winding of stones. Make a fire. When it is well inflamed, after that it is again the stones. The process of throwing the stones is in the fire. After that, just maintain a good flame. A bonfire should not produce good heat.

Stage two

Take the prepared racks and install crosswise. Frame collect near the fire. If you decide to use 3-4 cm thick. If you are using a rope, do not tear the polyethylene.

Stage Three

When it’s time to set up the tent. Take a roll of rolls from a fire into the frame. It’s not a problem. When it comes to the frame, remove all the small fragments and the water over the “path” along which they rolled. So you will save your future legs. Next, cover the frame with a film, avoiding the place where the stones are located. Press it to the ground with pebbles, logs, you can sprinkle with sand. Steam room ready. From the opposite side of the hill, make an entrance.

If you are satisfied with a black sauna,. In this case, there is no difference. For example, it is possible to build a structure with a small boulder in the center. Keep in mind: it is less safe, so it’s not necessary to burn down or melt.

Some nuances of the camp bath

Remember: the stones during the heating strongly cracked. So try to stay away from them. You can calmly steam. It is possible to draw conclusions. If it rises upward in a hot wave, then the temperature is high, you can steam for a long time. This approach is the last. Relatively low temperature near the ground. In order not to catch your feet under cold water. Steam on health!

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DIY bath walking

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