DIY Fish Trap Video – Alternative Ways

Fish trap

How to make a fish trap with your own hands

The simplest version is made from a plastic bottle. To do this, take a plastic container with a volume of five liters, cut the neck to the point where it begins to expand. Then, the cut-off part is inserted into the container by the neck inward, i.e. on the contrary to the position that was. On the back of the bottle, you need to do something like a door, then to lay the bait and get the fish out of the trap. The entire surface of the bottle is perforated for the entry of water. It is necessary to tie a rope or a cord to the neck of the container. The principle of operation of this top: “the door” from the bottom of the bottle opens, the bait is laid inside, closes. The trap is in the right place of the reservoir, tied with a cord to a bush. After a day you can check your catch in the bottle. To catch a larger catch, you can expand part of the neck to the required dimensions.

Trap from the basket

A simple way is to weave a basket for fishing. To do this, you need about ten pieces of flexible willow or nut rods of the same length. First, they are fastened with a rope at the base, after every 20-30 cm an insert is made of parallel rods. It should make 6 or 8 rings. The gaps at the basket should not be too tight so that the fish could easily enter inside it. Do not forget to place the bait and the load inside the basket.

Trap from the basketCatch box

Instead of a basket, you can make a box for fishing. At the same time the box frame is made of wood, metal, plastic, polypropylene tubes. The frame is covered with mesh, fastened on the sides with thread, wire or staples. A pair of funnels are twisted from the same grid, placed inside the box, and holes are made in its walls along the diameter of their wide part. The funnels should be in the box with a narrow end inside. The trap is ready, it remains to put the bait inside.

To visualize and understand well, it is better to watch how to make a trap for fish in the video, which describes these methods and many others.

Flat trap

You can also make a flat screen trap with your own hands. To do this, you need: strong fishing line, mesh and reinforcement. The network is attached to the reinforcement together with the fishing line, which will hold the entire structure. In the center of the grid is placed a small container with bait, which will be leached through small holes arranged in its walls. The grid is installed at a greater depth. For reliability, you can put a smaller grid inside so that the prey is confused.

Manufacturing hedgehog

For the manufacture of traps-merezhi need:

  • Sturdy fishing line
  • Kapron or metal mesh
  • Wire thickness of 5 or 6 mm.
  • Welding machine

To simplify work, it is better to make a drawing.

Manufacturing process: the required amount of wire is cut, divided into two equal parts, for example, 6m long. they are laid parallel to each other at a distance of one meter. Perpendicular to them welded rack. Then, on the resulting frame stretched mesh. In the center of the grid is rolled in two cylinders, attaching them from above and below to the frame. After that, the ends of the frame are also tightened with a grid. To attract prey, you can not only place the bait inside the merezh, but also coat it with the entrance. Installation of the hedgehog is usually made by the entrance to the river.

Alternative method

Fish trapAn elementary way of catching fish with the help of improvised means for fishing, in order, for example, to prepare a hiking soup: you need to take a regular saucepan and gauze. If there is no gauze, an unnecessary mesh will do. It is put on the pan and fixed at the edges, in the center of the gauze you need to make a small hole, and pour bait – porridge, grasshoppers, all that is at hand, into the pan. Then the pot needs to be dipped in water and sprinkled with earth until the middle. If you wait about 20-30 minutes, there will be enough fish inside it to cook the fish soup.

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