Do I need to teach?

Are you aware of the recent “pedoysteries”? For some kindly parents. It is clear that you can protect your child. If you’re catching up with your child, you can’t get it?

It has been his own defense, since he has been accustomed. But what can be a far superior adult? Gas spray? A great option, but with its shortcomings. We take a note, we teach, we go further. Quick run, loud cry? Others will come to the rescue. Dogfight? Against the enemy is not useless. Practically, for example, it will knock out the aggressor. And here you can use the “fast legs”. Or some sharp piercing object, such as a stylet (illegal) or a sharply sharpened screwdriver (legal). This is a pedophile has not risen. That is, you actually have to teach your child to kill.

Do not “defend”, because protection is against equal. Do not “resist”, since she’s been crushed to the head. Namely kill. Clearly, quickly and suddenly. So that the enemy, even until the last moment, he did die.

It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. He can not protect themselves – too. But against superior force, they can not go. Even outright preschool girls and calling for mommy. It is mommy, because, damn it, mostly women are engaged in raising children. The violin. Alas. This is a normal male education. And it must be corrected.

Tell your child about weapons. About death. About self-defense. It is a cold grave. It is automatically deprived of such rights. And in the field of self-defense. However, it can be proved that there was a huge chance to avoid problems. But it is worth remembering that it’s mildly, imperfect. And guilty can recognize, but not aggressors. But all this is not important.

It should be able to beat it. It is a little awakens. In the presence of course, normal education and the brain. So yes, the child needs to be taught to. But more importantly, you can make a difference.

“All the“ humanists ”and“ educators ”? And when you receive serious injuries? Or “the victim of aggressor provokes, therefore it is obliged to share part of the blame!”

Nafig go, dear. Personally, I would be ready to otmazyvat his child in such a situation. And if it didn’t work out, he would wear gears to him. And then he helped to settle down. Yet former prisoners can find work. Because it is hell right. It is this, not yours – “moral superiority over the aggressor” and “nonresistance to evil.”

Therefore, once you’ve been your baby. And yes – you need to teach your child to kill. Otherwise, you have to repent all your life.

Self defense

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