Do-it-yourself Bubafonya stove

Bake One of the first means of heating in cold weather. It is a funeral trick. As is, there are a lot of different furnaces. From stoves to the traditional Russian stove. We recently learned to make a potbelly stove; It is very expensive to build a Russian stove in the conditions of survival. Therefore, we will learn “Bubafonya”.

Initially, “bubafonu” was invented by master Athanasius Bubyakin. From there It is a small amount of fuel to operate. From there and popular with saving people. In addition, the fireman. The stove are manufactured by Athanasius consisted of:

  1. tank
  2. piston
  3. covers

Couldn’t have been burned for more than a day. Today, this stove can be installed even in severe frost. In addition, there are no bubble tapes.


It is not clear that there is a bottom of the bottom. The air is heated by the burning of the fuel. While it is at the top, it is the firewood below. It can be used for a long time.

The screen is located on the fire. Due to the gap in the circle, it doesn’t burn at the same time.

The flap on the top of the wood. This is a way to ensure that it can be used. No oxygen – no fire.

With the simplicity of design, the stove doesn’t take up much space and is quite mobile.

But there are several drawbacks in the “bubafon”. For example, you need a well-ventilated room. In addition, the furnace quickly cools after the fire.

There are two types of bubafon stove: with lower and upper burning. It is also possible to complete this process. It is not a very complex structure. The fuel burns out.

Bubafon furnace with a water jacket

This is a place where it is located where it is located, but much more space. To do this, it is necessary to connect a water heating system. As a result, there are enough pipes. In addition, it is not lacking in hot water.

Bubafon furnace is easy to operate. It can be fueled with such fuels:

  • Sawdust;
  • Dry branches;
  • Briquette;
  • Firewood.

Just put fuel tightly into the tank and ignite. You can before this add paper for kindling. Then the piston and the cap are installed in their place. The heating system is also not difficult. It is then necessary to run through the water pipe, then it will be necessary.

“Bubafonya” do it yourself

As already mentioned, this is the easy way to assemble yourself. It is necessary that:

  • Channel
  • Barrel, with a capacity of about 200 liters
  • 2 steel pipes
  • Bricks (for foundation)

It will be a little bit more than a set of tools, which will include:

  • Bulgarian
  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • Welding machine

Assembly instruction “Bubafonya”

  • Carefully cut the top of the barrel
  • In the center of the cut circle Hole diameter – 10 cm
  • Weld pipe
  • For the weights It is necessary to maintain a long-term period.
  • Bookmark fuel. This is a green metal rectangle.
  • It is necessary to remove the doors.
  • We will go to the chimney The pipe diameter is 10-15 cm.
  • The chimney should have a knee. It is then that it is formed.
  • There is also a piece of pipe that has been welded to the street.

ATTENTION! It is very hot. Therefore, it must be placed on the foundation. The foundation must be built of refractory bricks. First, dig a square pit (side length – 1 meter, depth – 20 cm). Rubble is poured into a liquid solution. Then, when the workpiece is dry, the bricks are dry. This is an undergraduate education.

To provide additional security, a reflector is installed near the stove, which will also help the heat evenly spread in the room. We use for its manufacture heat-resistant materials.

Other options for the manufacture of the stove “Bubafonya”


  • In the first variant, it is simply cut off, which is then used as a pressure wheel.
  • In the second, the two circles are the same as the pipe. It is made up of water.
  • In the third, the cylinder is welded. Then there are two circles, the circles are cut out and the lid.

The following steps are given in the above described method.

Nuances of manufacture and operation

  • It can be easily removed without damaging the stove itself. This is necessary because it can become periodically.
  • If you want to find out what kind of fireboxes it is possible to carry out it.
  • Since it requires a lot of heat, it requires a constant control over heat. Be sure to comply with all safety rules.
  • It can be used indoors, but in the open air or in the garage.

Possible dangers in the operation of the furnace “Bubafonya”

First of all, In the case of a glass wall .

Second It is no exception. And oxygen is necessary for our breathing. Therefore, it is highly recommended residential area. It is a very special case.

AND third moment, In the opinion of our opinion, the most significant, It will not be a problem to make it. fuel may burn into the piston during combustion. After the furnace through the piston.

As you can see, this is fraught with the saddest consequences. Therefore, it is possible to Read more about this in the video:

Bushcraft bake &# 171; Bubafonya&# 187; do it yourself

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