Do not get in the car!

Brooke Baddemierre from Lawrence Livermoor Laboratory nuclear explosion, but you still have some time to do something. Didn’t affect you.

“Do not climb into the car. Do you really want to go? “

It is also a case of evacuation. But it is not as dangerous as fallout nuclear explosion.

These radioactive isotopes are formed during the decay of atoms. It has been shown to be extremely negatively affected by radiation radiation. It also affects the immune system. Only very dense materials, such as those of the lead, can be reliably stopped.

We know what they need to do. It is not clear that radioactive fallout is around. It will be your life. And it brings us a good idea.

What will happen if you get to avoid radiation?

Modern cars are made of materials. Not able to protect against most types of radiation. You will be slowly roasted and irradiated.

Buddmeyer learned about the threat. nuclear explosion. Most were unanimous – get in the car try to leave the city as soon as possible, in the opposite direction to the mushroom cloud.

There can be seen. We can even approximately predict where the radiation will go. There are nosense. And you can think of it. nuclear explosion.

Buddmeyer will find some solid building. In short:

“Go inside, stay inside, wait. As you enter – try to get to the center. If you also get under the ground – generally excellent. And wait there from 12 to 24 hours. “

This must be done in order to avoid the hottest hours. It has been exponentially since it has been declined to more stable, although it has been declined. That is, the “hot zone”, where it becomes.

You have on hand. Even a small radio is good. And they should be equipped with each. Just in case. You can read the instructions, find out the plans for safe corridors.

“If you’re still in the car’s garage this design is very durable. So get in the car, make yourself comfortable and turn on the radio. “

Summarizing. It is necessary to take care of it. nuclear explosion. If you have already survived, then the most critically terrible has already happened. Yes, then you could have at least 3 days. If you’re lucky, of course. But it’s not a good idea.

Own security

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