Do not let the enemy get the gun

It is not clear that there are several opponents,

We give instructions to the “bad guy” remove the weapon and Fire in you, and of course he thinks he can do it. The distance is within reach of the hand. First hand your opponent’s outstretched hand. After a moment, you can touch the opponent’s shoulder. Then the fight begins. This is the worst thing that can happen. But we strive to achieve success. distances.

Misconceptions about their own security

Hen you remove the weaponHen you remove the weapon

Before I continue, I would like to dispel some myths and fantasies. It’s not a problem. I will be rude – it is very, very stupid to think so. Every day you live on a desert island.

Now that those who say: “Oh … I’ll just shoot him!” But in reality this will not happen. The battle with the gun. Do not agree? This is normal. No need to argue, I want you to come.

Prevent weapon removal

Now back to our story. We offer you a choice of methods for addressing. We observed, for example, those who have been taken for arms. And then we get a mutual murder. The rumor is taken over for the extraction, it is physically interfering with the extraction.

There are no right or wrong answers. The correct answer is you are not shot.

If the enemy can still remove the weapon.If the enemy can still remove the weapon.

A successful approach is to create levels of defense. For example, to remove the weapon. In case of a situation in the area of ​​the flank,

The main factor here is to simply block extraction by the enemy weapons. Block it immediately! Can be studied without much effort.

Speaking about blocking, I like it.

I’m talking about strong blow, sudden and powerful attacking and blocking action, It is a clear sign of the peace and peace of mind.

Enter into battle. However, it would not be enough to end the fight.

Control your location

Next we consider positioning. If you’re then, you will most likely have to restore the balance and remove it. In this way, position change very important. Help is to move away. It’s even better if you can do both at the same time. You must be your position.

You can’t even physically control the opponent.

If you want. For example, you could remove your pistol and shoot it. You could also push it in for it. Or not.

Strengthen the seizure of enemy weapons

Once backside, continue your control and strengthen your grip.Once backside, continue your control and strengthen your grip.

At this time, we will consider. It couldn’t help. If you want to make a difference, it’s a good idea.

It’s not. A quick-moving, chaotic situation, Most of the cost you will depend on the circumstances.

There are some ways that you can practice your training and practice. This is what you said the block.

While holding your enemy’s weapon, free your & quot; shooting & quot; arm and reach your gunShooting your handgun

We have been there for a lot of reasons. In any case, you are now in the hands of a holster, Grip, make it harder, clinging and squeezing your fingers.

Defeat your opponent to move

The next step is to deprive the opponent of the opportunity to move. You can press it against a wall, a parked car, or something else. Use your environment. If there is any It can be difficult if you need it again. If you’re immobilized, you can’t get it. Do not waste time! Release your hand with your gun with it. After that, it’s not possible that the body’s release order is available for this. This will solve the problem.

Immobilize your opponent by knocking it against the ground, or pushing it against a wall. Use your environmentImmobilize your opponent by knocking it against the ground, or pushing it against a wall. Use your environment

If you understand the concept as a whole, try to practice it. Try to act against retrieving weapons appendix from the side of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom.

It is not resist. If you are able to use these skills, you must master the technique.

Gabriel suarez
Translation – Evgeny Uglach

Gabe Suarez: Do not let the enemy down

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