Dog attack – what to do? Part 2

Yesterday we published an article about protection against dogs, based on instructions for police officers and soldiers in countering a trained and trained dog. As promised, the second part will be devoted to ordinary people who do not carry firearms with themselves and who do not encounter killing machines, but stray street dogs, and in the worst case, several dogs.

The last article has caused discontent among people who have never really dealt with dogs, especially trained ones, and who believe that their theoretical knowledge is much more effective than the work of instructors and the practice of people working with dogs on a daily basis. Well, okay, not for us to judge them, our business is to share with you useful information that will save your health and life. Go.

To begin with, I recommend reading the previous article, because some of the advice given there will also be useful for ordinary people. It makes no sense to repeat them here, but in general we will take a walk.

At once I will make a reservation that it will be a question of the actions of an adult, average physical fitness. Children and old people, unfortunately, for one or several dogs, easy prey, what to do with them is difficult to say. If there are no other people around to help, the consequences can be fatal. At a minimum, I will give advice to parents – disaccustomed children to swing their arms around an unfamiliar dog, shout at her, try to stroke. A dog is not a toy, not even a dog of your friends. It is not necessary to bring to paranoia too, just explain to the child that the dog is not a toy and not a cute animal, it is a predator, who has its own ideas about life, its territory and so on.

Further, also from general tips. If there is a confrontation with a dog, or you see a group of stray dogs, by any means move away from the conflict. You do not need to play rambo and make a hero, like I am a man, the crown of creation, and you are mongrels. Mutts do not know this, unfortunately. If you are on the street – go to the other side, go to the store, staircase, climb a tree, transport, etc. This is if the environment and the setting allows. Do not take it as cowardice, it is the elementary norms of their own safety.

We now turn to what actually interests everyone most of all, what to do and how to behave, when a collision with a dog is inevitable, there is no way to get away from the conflict and you do not have any firearms with you.

For a start, a small video about dogs and the tactics of their attacks, so that at least you can imagine what it looks like. Particularly curious on YouTube can watch videos with the attack of dogs on people, there is enough of all kinds of tin, but this is good for the hero’s ardor that cools and makes you think first.

As you can see, the tactics of attack varies slightly depending on the weight and size of the dog.

But let’s take a little step back so as not to rush right into the battle, no one needs it, most often the dog itself, if we are talking about street or stray.

First, try to understand why the dog attacks:

  • The dog protects its territory, feeding place or puppies.
  • If he thinks you are behaving aggressively. This is especially true of people who are intoxicated, the dog can smell it a mile away.
  • If he believes that you represent a threat to her master. Even patting a friend on the shoulder, you can provoke the aggression of a dog that sees you for the first time.
  • A dog instinctively considers a person to be a victim if he runs past her or from her.
  • You can incite the dog.
  • The dog is sick with rabies, such a dog is inadequate and can throw on everyone for no reason.

As I wrote in the last article, the dog will instinctively try to knock you down. So do not turn your back and do not try to run away, the dog will catch up with you. In the case of the attack of several dogs, the matter can take a sad turn, because the dogs, even two, will surround you, one will surely run behind your back. In this case, it is difficult to advise something, most often you will not be able to do without outside help.

Let’s return to the situation with one dog and we will consider it.

Standing facing the dog, slightly bending your knees, in order to lower the center of gravity, in case of an attack and hold the weight, try to understand the reason why the dog shows aggression. If the dog doesn’t rush at you at once, you have a couple of seconds to do this and that means that the dog is aggressive, but it scares you or drives you away. Slowly back down, without sudden movements. In the eyes of the dog, too, do not look, it can be perceived as a challenge. Make it clear that you are leaving and you do not need problems.

Dogs feel fear, so we must learn not to be afraid. In advance by itself, and it is not always easy. Fear of aggression, fear of being bitten, fear of blood. Fear and panic are your worst enemies.

If the dog is definitely set to attack you, you will not have much time to think and walk backwards. When the distance between you and the dog allows, use any available objects to scare her away. Sticks, stones, throw an umbrella or a bag, shout at her, let her know that you are ready to fight if she decides to attack you. Without fanaticism only, otherwise your aggression will only infuriate the dog and it will rush at you. There were cases when the cold calmness of a person surprised the dog and it kept a distance. It is necessary to look at the situation, of course, to explain something in words and try to find the universal is quite difficult, you yourself understand it.

We turn to the most interesting and unpleasant …

The dog does not intend to retreat and let you go, and decides to attack

There is already an account of seconds.

First of all, group together, shift the center of gravity, so that by any means you can stand on your feet, because the dog will do everything to bring you down to the ground. If her weight permits, I will mean medium and large dogs from 20-25 kg in weight and above. People with a good reaction may try to get away from the throw, but keep in mind that the speed and reaction of the dog is much higher. Even having missed, the dog will immediately make a second throw, and dancing with her a waltz is fraught with loss of balance.

An ordinary, untrained dog will try to cling to teeth in the limbs that are closer to it, arms, legs. If you are not tall, the dog may jump on your chest in an attempt to grab your head or throat. Also, the dog in the cast will put the maximum of his strength, keep this in mind. Try to give her for a bite not your arms and legs, but an object at hand, a jacket (or an empty jacket sleeve), a stick, an umbrella, a bag, whatever, the main thing is to react quickly. Well, do not forget that nothing prevents a dog from switching to your other body parts.

Watch the dog, it will always look before the throw where it was going to jump. On the arm, leg, face.

If you are barehanded, even if you have great physical strength, be very careful when trying to overcome or twist the dog. Furious animal is very sharp, strong and quirky, it is difficult to keep it, but it is possible. Grab the dog by the ears, by the throat, pin down to the ground, shove a fist in the throat or stick, beat in the nose, eyes. Can. I strongly advise you to go first to the training ground where the dogs are trained and to try in a protective suit to compete with the dog in order to have an idea what it is. The point is to discourage the attacking animal as much as possible and to show that you are stronger, the instinct of self-preservation will work, the dog can retreat. And maybe not retreat.


When nothing has helped, there are no options and you clearly understand that you need to sacrifice a limb, most often with your hand, because legs will be useful to you, get ready. Donate not working hand of course. If there is a weapon, firearm or knife, remove it in advance. Believe it, when the jaws of a medium or large dog are closed on the arm, it hurts like hell. The most important thing is not to panic and not to lose self-control from a painful shock. It can be problematic even for a peasant, I don’t even want to talk about women and children, this is an eerie sight.

Yes, by the way, you can try to kick the dog in a jump or before it, but I do not advise if it grabs you by the leg – it is easy to dump it on the ground, and in such a pose with it to fight it is hell.

If there is an opportunity, before biting and throwing, wrap something on your hand, it will somehow ease the injury.

Try to take a comfortable position for you, so that nothing gets in the way of your feet, so that there is a possibility of maneuver and the situation as a whole you owned. It trains well with a familiar dog, or your own dog in a playful way. This is the only way to know what to expect from an animal. Again in words, pictures and theory it is impossible to explain, only practice.

Banal advice – before throwing and closing the teeth on your hand, do whatever you like and anything to your dog. Shoot at it, throw a stone, make a dissecting blow with a knife (do not cut yourself), watch your balance and do not panic, but do not make a rambo out of yourselves, your goal is defense, not self-sacrifice.

When the dog hung on his arm …

… and you did not fall into shock from the pain. If the weapon in the other hand – use! How to shoot – written in the last article. What to do with a knife? I do not advise you to beat him, the dog will shake his head from side to side, pull you down, you can stick a knife in your hand. Beat a knife on top or diagonally on the side, in the neck, shoulders and do not hesitate. Why can not beat the bottom? In principle, it is possible, but uncomfortable and the dog can switch to a limb with a knife when it is lower than the arm that it is currently tearing. To grab what is higher, she will at least be uncomfortable. Each person has a different experience, the length of the arms and the size of the knife. The blows will go both stabbing – for maximum damage to internal organs, and dissecting, for blood loss and pain shock in a dog. It all depends on your skill and speed, you need training. At the same time, you can kick the dog in the stomach, do not lose the main balance.

If in such a situation, keep everything under control, there are no weapons or did not help, you can try to pin the dog to the ground. It hangs on your arm, there is a chance to dump it or grab it by the throat. With good reaction and skills, you can even break a dog’s neck in that position. Then the matter of technology, strangle. Own weight and grip. But this is an extreme case, because the technique is dangerous.

I’ll be back to the pepper spray. The thing is good to scare away, but as our readers rightly pointed out, it is practically useless in cold or windy weather. Moreover, you will fall on yourself with a tear mixture and then you are helpless prey and a piece of meat.

If the dog knocked you to the ground

What can I say, you have a big problem. In such a situation it is almost impossible to advise something, especially if the dog is not alone. At a minimum, it is vitally necessary to get up by any means and not to let the dog to the head. If you are lucky, with a dead grip, catch the dog by the head and pull / press to the ground while you yourself rise. Call for help and pray to your gods.

One more thing. Option when you walk down the street and saw that someone was attacked by a dog. Take out the weapon, but try not to hurt and injure the victim (both with a pistol and a knife). Come so that you are behind the dog behind your back and she did not see you, and was completely fascinated by her victim. Further on the situation. Pulling the dog by the legs is not very effective, plus the dog can switch to you. To beat, shoot, cut the body – yes, but with caution. Grab tightly by the ears and sharply pin down to the ground – not with all the dogs passes. The grip on the neck and suffocation is also wary, if it breaks out, clings to you.

Ultrasonic repeller, a good thing, acts at a distance, but when an enraged animal already flies at you with clear intentions, it does not always help.

These are all general advice, of course, but you should understand that without training at the training ground, or at least with your dog in a game form, you cannot explain in words what a furious dog is and its bites. Try to still avoid conflicts. If you have bitten, treat the wounds and go to the hospital for vaccinations.

For especially meticulous people, yes, there are instructions and methods for fighting the dog, I will not consciously bring them, Google will help you. Why? Because any normal person understands that without high-quality training and the development of methods, there is little sense from them. The theory without practice is even destructive, believe me. When an unprepared man in pictures begins to pose as a Kung Fu master, this sadly ends.

And finally, remember that a dog is a rather tenacious creature, a huge mistake of amateurs to believe that it can be put with one shot or poked with a knife. You can, if you are very lucky and you are a sniper, and a connoisseur of the dog’s anatomy.

Take care of yourself.

What to do when attacking a dog? Part 2

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