Dog attack – what to do?

The family is rooted in the distant past. But, as history shows, bad guys. What does it use? No less dangerous and fighting dogs, such as pit bulls, which, despite their size, are deadly.

In the field of training, it can be a dog. It is a scandalous effect. Moreover, in some countries, combat dogs are trained in the groin rather than clinging to limbs. It should be avoided as much as possible, and not fought.

Tips for any dogs. It will be useful.

So, in many situations, the choice will be yours:

  • If you are trying to escape, you can’t try to catch up with you.
  • At the same time, there is a best choice.
  • If you are a dog, you’ll be standing next to your car.
  • Sometimes, there will be a fight.

Most importantly, be aware that you are not dealing with a cute, friendly puppy. Man’s best friend predatory animal. It is guided by the instinct of the dog attacks. Have you ever seen programs for nature? Well, you are the same. To avoid serious injuries and death, you must clearly recognize this and take this instinct into account.

When you encounter a dog

  • Never turn your back to the predator
  • If you turned and ranked – you are mining.
  • Facing the animal, bend your knees slightly to lower the center of gravity. If your dog jumps on you.
  • Start screaming. (You can even scream like a girl, it works great)
  • Turn around and run.
  • If you stand by her dog
  • Unfortunately, dogs will be trained anyway and will attack anyway.

Avoid pinching an animal into a corner!

  • Any dog, both trained and wild, begin to behave very aggressively when clamped into a corner or trapped. If you’re not happy, you can’t be surprised.
  • Always leave the dog a way to escape.

If you still squeeze the dog into a corner:

  • Standing facing her, slowly, stepping back, make way for her to retreat.
  • It is an attack of
  • The dog that attacked is another story.
  • If you want it to be a dog

Pepper spray:

  • Anxious dog can not be stopped.
  • You must choose between pepper spray and lethal weapons.
  • It can be unpredictable.
  • If you decide to use your dog’s hair
  • If you don’t want to leave your path
  • It would be a matter of fact.
  • Remember, it also doesn’t work on some dogs.
  • A well-trained dog will be trained and your pepper spray and attack.
  • It is the time of the dog.

Preparing to attack:

  • Bend your dog on the back of a dog .
  • The attacking. Unless of course not trained to do something else. But even in the case of a dog, it can be taken over, which is to your advantage.
  • Giving a dog a hand to bite

Getting bites (one must be physically and psychologically ready):

  • It is a throat that is a dog eater and a dog.
  • Try it out.
  • The dog’s instincts against itself.

Preparation in the counter-attack:

  • When you are ready to attack the dog, take out the gun.
  • Make sure that there are no signs of fire.
  • Get it ready to take a bite.

What to do when the dog grabs:

  • For the surrounding shooting.
  • The most important thing, do everything to stay on your feet!
  • For example a 60 kilogram rottweiler, for example a dog of a large dog attacking you.
  • The dog has four legs, on which it runs daily. Limbs

Top-down shooting:

  • If you are not up for a shot, it’s horizontally, because it’s not a problem. did not fly away
  • Bend your dog diagonally from the bottom to the bottom.
  • It is possible to cause serious damage to the circulatory system.
  • This will greatly reduce its mobility.


  • You will probably think of a headshot of how to eliminate a threat. This can play a cruel joke.
  • In large dogs, the skull is very strong and streamlined. A bullet can simply not pierce it or go tangentially.
  • Clinging it with your teeth.
  • Trying to knock your head down and tear you apart. In her head; dropping your weapon.
  • Moreover, if you’re a little bit of a dog, you can’t get out of control.
  • It is a harder to get it.


Attacking a dog. The courses teach not only theory, but also practice. You can practice it yourself, it doesn’t need anything supernatural. There is a technique, the so-called “pit bull throw”.

“Pit Bull Throw”

  • Take it a little lid.
  • Necklace of the bottle
  • You can find out what the pit bull’s body is.
  • The distance between the shooter’s legs and the trainer is reduced.
  • You will need to be able to pull down the rope, thereby forcing you to get you a bottle of water.
  • This is the speed training after all.
  • Upon command, imitation of the attacking dog.
  • Water to pour out.
  • The instructor stops you.
  • If your bottle is closer to you than 1 meter.
  • The bottle can not be pulled closer to the arrow than 1 meter.
  • The shooter is obliged to use all the time.

When you stop an attacking dog

  • Lower the center of gravity, bending your knees.
  • Yell at the dog.
  • Sprinkle it from pepper spray.
  • BEFORE it bites you.
  • Give your dog a weak hand to bite.
  • Do your best to stand on your feet!
  • Shoot your dog

Most of the information is taken from the article “Countering Canine Attacks“Published in May 2003 by Michael Raeburn, owner and instructor of Rayburn Law Enforcement Training.

It would be a little bit more than a dog. The dog is not a hero. Show no fear – otherwise turn into prey.

It’s a bit like a bit of a question. hand off a knife. This is a topic for a separate article; if you are interested, let us return to this question.

What to do when attacking a dog?

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