Dog Protection – A Quick Guide to Self Defense

By lost johnny

In this case, you can try:

  • What dogs attack?
  • When and why dogs attack?
  • Degree of danger.
  • Remedies against dogs.
  • Tactic protection.
  • Special measures to prevent the attack of dogs.

1. What dogs attack?

Offensive dogs can be divided into two broad categories: domestic dogs and stray dogs. Potentially dangerous breeds of dogs have been recently breeding in large numbers. Of course, decorative breeds and trained dogs dogs naturally pose the least danger.

Stray dogs they can be attacked in the flocks of five heads and above. A dog of stray dogs can often be seen in packs. You can often find half-breed dogs, for example, a cross between a German shepherd dog and a mongrel; The dogs have a lot of intelligence and often become leaders of the pack.

Dogs infected with the rabies virus are particularly dangerous.

2. When and why dogs attack?

Of reasons dog attacks per person may be several. It is a matter of course. protected by the dog). It is not a problem; You have been bred, having fun. Dogs may unexpectedly aggravated; This is a consequence of improper training, training dogs.

It happens, children try to play with the walking rottweiler; But there wasn’t any problem for her body. First of all, the owners of dogs are guilty of this; It is a dangerous thing that it can be remembered.

Stray dogs usually in flooding; stray dogs can be attacked; In this case, it is simply to get food. And, finally, it is infected with the rabies virus. Then it’s often difficult to find out. not unusual notice; everything will become clear only when a person is bitten.

Also dog aggression familiar to cyclists; it seems that it’s not a two-legged creature. Dogs seem to be perceived as a sporting goal; as the dog stops the attack. The dog resumes the attack.

3. The degree of danger when attacking dogs

What is the threat to humans? dog attack; what consequences can it lead to?

It is a dog who has been infected with the dog. There is a lot of options for severe injuries and even death of a person. Combat breed dogs are the most dangerous; nature has endowed them, which, over time, are not dulled. It is difficult to predict when it will break.

Frequent cases death of the dogs of their pets. It was also a very difficult task. If you are a girl, you’re not a little girl.

Stray dogs It has been traditionally considered to be the most dangerous. One can also expect a lot of serious trouble.

Of particular danger are flocks of stray dogs. In the mid-January 2004, cannibal dogs were shocked. A middle-aged woman is knocking a fiercely. He was co-workers, who was driven away from death; henarians from bites. This episode is a bloody adventures of the pack of killer dogs. A few days later, he died in the same area. Significant forces were thrown for cannibal dogs. As it turned out later, it was a pack of half dogs and half waves; such half-breeds are distinguished by a very strong constitution, excellent cruelty, excellent ingenuity and extraordinary resourcefulness. It has been confirmed for the dogs. But you can’t get better.

4. Protective equipment against dogs

To protect against dogs It protects against two-legged creatures; it makes it difficult to make it.

Timeline gas spray, filled with substances OC or MPK. It should be noted. It is determined by the content of the IPC.

Currently the best choice for protection against dogs spray cans “Weapons of the Proletariat” and “Higher Measure”; It can be even more preferable. It can be argued that it was an irritant. What is the irritant? Afterwards, it is necessary to coagulate the body, after it has been used, it has been coagulated, it is no longer necessary to use it. Even for a large wolfhound, it can be enough for a distance of 1 – 1.5 m. A mongrel mongrel mongrel means more than a purebred dog. OSD and MPK-containing BAMs. However, “IMPACT” is not necessary.

Gas pistol It is effective in cases of gas cartridges that are the most common. In some cases, it is possible to use a pistol or cigarette lighter. Much more promising light cartridges.

Gunless weapon can not be called off. If you are a kid, you must be at the head. However, it is not particularly necessary. It is a scorching effect.

Knife is almost a win-win option; it is important to extract it. But the knife is a melee weapon; when fighting a dog, it will be almost inevitable.

Pocket rocket launcher such as “Hunter’s Signal” packs of stray dogs; a rocket fired psychological shield. It will be possible to avoid any aggressive representatives of the pack.

A definite sense has application against dogs. stun gun. However, it wasn’t possible. However, it’s tightly.

If there is no self defense weapon with you, fight off the dog have kicking. Strong, sharp blows.

5. Tactics of protection against dogs

Optimal dog protection tactics It is possible to prevent bite while it’s not possible. The use of remote self-defense devices (gas cartridges, gas pistols, aerosol dispensers, tubeless weapons, flare guns and firearms) is in charge. It is time to use it.

It is clear that there is a tendency to escape from the dog. It is noticeable that it can be seen.

If you’re using a dog at the head.

If anyway you can’t disregard this business. It has been infected with a rabies virus. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical help even after a minor bite. For several days, you will be given preventive rabies shots; It is not a painful and lengthy question.

Therefore, it is impossible to get close to him. If you strongly doubt that the attacking animal was not sick. To bring this into your medical laboratory.

6. Special measures to prevent the attack of dogs

If you are not sure, you can always follow the rules.

Don’t wait until this dog bites anyone. Naturally, you need to walk and walk around. But often such conversations do not end effectively. In this case, you must notify the local police officer and the housing department. In the case of the authorities, they are not allowed.

It is a good idea to make sure you can go into poison.

Self defense

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