Domestic thermal burns and first aid

All housewives, mothers, and sometimes, fathers, girls, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women It is a cup of hot tea. As a result, Vava – or burn.

Burns and their classification by degree:

– the body temperature is increased.

II degree burns – fluid transparent jelly. The tissue fluid contains leukocytes. A bubble with liquid protects the affected area from infection.

III degree burns – instead of blisters, skin necrosis is observed – necrosis. The skin becomes yellowish; it becomes clearly limited edge.

IV degree burns – There is a layer of skin, down to the muscles, tendons and bones. The color of charred skin is almost black.

It is considered that it is the most dangerous thing to do. To estimate the area of ​​the burned surface, or the Wallace method (Wallace).

AT without fail you need to call an ambulance if:

  • burn a child or a person aged
  • I-II degree is more than 5 palms of the burned person
  • burn inguinal region, head, respiratory tract
  • 2 limbs burned
  • III and IV degree burn

In milder cases, it is possible to provide remedies.

Drug first aid

  • Remove burn factor from the body.
  • Cut the clothes – do not tighten! Not to tear off the skin.
  • For 10-15 minutes, do you want to keep it cool?
  • Treat the surface with Panthenol, Solcoseryl. Solokoseril contains deproteinized hemoderivat of blood calories, stimulates collagen production, accelerates wound healing.
  • Place a sterile dressing on top, without using a plaster.
  • With any painkiller: analgin, spazmalgon, ketanov.

Folk remedies for first aid for burns

  • It is soaped out, it’s soaked out, and it’s soiled. First bake, then the pain subsides. When drying, repeat several times.
  • Grat a carrot Well suited if the tongue is burned with hot tea.
  • It is a process of vitamins.
  • Almost every home has Aloe. In the middle of the leaf pattern, it is possible to remove the spins.
  • Egg yolk of boiled hard frying pan. This liquid has been poured into a clean dish. Lubricate them burned places.
  • At night, it is desirable to apply a bandage with a therapeutic agent. The plaster is not used.

It is impossible with burns!

  • Open bubbles
  • Wash urine burn
  • Tear off sticking clothes
  • Use plaster and cotton when bandaging
  • Place with ice

You can help yourself and your loved ones.

And bless you!

The medicine

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