Doomsday clock

What is the most likely BP scenario? All these supervolcanoes have been erupting-erupting for 60 years, but they still can’t fall for meteorites, pole shifts, even global warming. Or rather, the large-scale use of nuclear weapons. The chain of death are dangerous.

If you’re a manhattan Unfortunately, not all. It’s clear that it couldn’t be followed. Therefore, in 1947, scientists of the University of Chicago, based on their own journal, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, created the project “Doomsday clockThe global catastrophe is inevitable, and here it is right now.

What is actually the case. There are 18 approaches to the global nuclear war. If everything is bad – the arrow moves closer to midnight. There are few global conflicts, the arrow moves back. At the beginning of the project Doomsday clock showed seven minutes to midnight. There then the arrow was actively moved here and there. So.

1953 Both the United States and the USSR are experiencing thermonuclear bombs. It was 12 megatons of TNT. As for the USSR, they experienced a real bomb, ready for combat use. Power – 400 kilotons. Doomsday clock it has become the most distinct.

1962 Caribbean crisis. Seekingly inevitable exchange of nuclear strikes. But it is carried by and the world survived.

1963 The USSR and the USA sign the law on the prohibition of nuclear weapon tests. Everyone is aware of the bombs, fucked up. The scientific community realized a little earlier, so Doomsday clock transferred to noon midnight. It would seem that the nuclear threat has decreased …

1968 In Czechoslovakia, France and China are experiencing their experience in the Middle East and Vietnam. They are not monopolists of nuclear weapons. Doomsday clock translated 5 minutes ahead.

1984, “It is an evil empire.” Doomsday clock show three minutes to midnight. It is a little bit and BP is inevitable.

1991 “The Velvet Revolutions” of the United States. America rejoices, “The main map of aggressor has left the political map!” Doomsday clock show the minimum value – 23.43. It doesn’t seem to be any longer frighten humanity.

But no. It can be measured by the reduction of nuclear weapons. Doomsday clock closer to midnight …

2015. United States of America Doomsday clock shows three minutes to midnight.

What will happen next? And nothing good. The United States will not be able to follow the “World Guarantor of Democracy”, but it will not be necessary. China will wait, Europe is incapable. Cold War version 2.0. What comes out of this is unknown. But stocks stew and bunkers somewhere in the wilderness is better to cook right now. Just in case.


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