“Doomsday Gun” – 12 gauge self-made survival weapon

It is no secret that modern legislation in our country, and in many neighboring countries, severely limits the human right to self-defense. This fact is a serious psychological obstacle to the fact that any law-abiding citizen could get a legal trunk. Therefore, when some large-scale emergency happens (and it, as the lessons of history teach us, sooner or later happens even in the safest and most prosperous, seemingly places), the chances of good people to resist violence and terror from the criminal world and all the scum, against the background of the general chaos of the “lost coast”, there will be not so much. If this, of course, do not prepare in advance. Therefore, today we will tell about the so-called “doomsday weapon“- 12 gauge homemade survival weapon, which can be done literally on the knee.

But for a start, we recall that the self-made weapon made without the appropriate permits and documents is prohibited by law (Article 223 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). We categorically do not recommend doing this business, look for legal methods of self-defense and adhere to the legal procedures for acquiring firearms, passing all the necessary checks and obtaining the proper license from the police.

Information about homemade weapons is given in this article purely for educational purposes, and can only be used when absolutely necessary, namely, for survival, in the case of an emergency under extreme circumstances. At the same time, the person who risks taking advantage of this knowledge should be aware of all his responsibility before the law and the possible consequences.

And now, when the formalities are met, let’s get down to business.

“Doomsday Gun” – 12-gauge self-made survival weapon

Let’s start with the fact that you can get hold of 12-caliber hunting cartridges and accessories for their equipment on completely legitimate grounds. Especially if everything you need is stored properly and requires assembly before use.

With the weapon itself, survival is harder. From illegal trunks We will refuse firmly and immediately, because it is against the law (Article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and if you are put in custody for their storage, then you will be blamed. Therefore, this is not our option. But the simplest improvised weapon, which, when disassembled, does not even resemble something firearms, it can wallow almost in front of people and not attract attention to itself. To begin with, to further everything was clearer, let’s see the video.

To create his “doomsday weapon”, the author needed two water pipes in the video. Approximately 30 centimeters of an inch diameter pipe and 50 cm of a three-quarter-inch diameter pipe. In the inch pipe should be a stub – this is important. Exactly in the center of the plug a thin screw is screwed in so that its tip sticks out from the inside of the structure. The self-tapping screw plays the role of a striker, and the whole inch pipe – the trigger mechanism.

The second 3/4 inch pipe is the barrel of an improvised survival weapon. The standard hunting cartridge of the 12th caliber comes right into such a pipe, resting the flange on the cut. In order for the improvised weapon to work, the shooter in the video inserted a small pipe into a large one and sharply pulled his arms together while holding both pipes tightly. The self-tapping screw pinned the cartridge’s cap, and a shot occurred.

Cons of this design:

  • can wedge a sleeve, but it is not scary – either picks it out with a knife, if there is time, or turn over the small pipe, repeat the procedure, and knocks out the jammed sleeve together with a new portion of the canister.
  • such a “doomsday weapon” has low shooting accuracy, what is corrected by training;
  • generally extremely low rate of fire, which, however, is tolerable for a survival weapon;
  • short range of destruction, caused by ammunition – the shot and the canister even on ordinary smooth-bore weapons are effective up to 40-50 meters, and with such a design, the capacity of the ammunition is limited by the physical capabilities of the shooter (in other words, in weak hands and fraction No. 7 with a weight of 24gr. will tear this homemade weapon out of hand) .

Positive points:

  • there is practically no risk that the pipe will explode in the hands – yet two thick steel pipes are involved in the firing process;
  • nothing is easier than carrying two small water pipes;
  • if you also have a little pohimichit with cartridges, as professional hunters like to do – then the efficiency will increase, but we must remember about the physical characteristics of the shooter;
  • An additional argument in self-defense, as in the case of which you can simply knock on the head, after all steel pipes are a weighty argument in the melee and even against the knife.

Summarizing, we can say that this is a full-fledged firearm for survival, with which you can fight off the aggressor, shoot game, give a signal to rescuers. But we recall once again – making such a self-propelling against the law. Everything that we have said above is only for acquaintance and erudition for the sake of.

In conclusion – a couple more videos, where the authors have slightly improved their improvised weapons for survival.


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