Dragunov sniper rifle: sniper precision tool

Dragunov sniper rifle, or Svd (7.62-mm Dragunov sniper rifle, Index GRAU – 6B1)­for­em­camping yelling­zhi­eat snay­ne­ra and before­on­know­what­on for unich­that­same­different­I’m in­I love­of­camping move­zh­of­Xia, open and mas­ki­po­van­single­the night­tse tse­lei. Svd was developed in 1958-1963 by a group of designers led by Evgeniya Dragunova.

The principle of operation and automation of SVD

Dragunov sniper rifle is a self-loading weapon. Automatic rifles based on the use of energy powder gases, diverted from the bore to the gas piston. The gasoline can be blown out of the gas pipe into the rear position.

It was the caliber of the callee. ).

In forward position bolt carrier with shutter In the case of the gunner and the gunner, he returns trigger becomes a combat platoon. The lugs are bolted in.

For the production trigger and click on it again. After release trigger It makes it clear that the thrust moves away from the bottom. The cartridge igniter. Shot occurs.

It is the time when the gunner has been lifted up. This is a signal that must be re-charged.

Ammunition and equipment

For shooting out Svd rifle cartridges are used 7.62 × 54 mm R with ordinary, tracer and armor-piercing incendiary bullets, as well as sniper cartridges (7H1, 7H14), can also be fire cartridges with expansive bullets JHP and JSP. Fire out Svd conduct single shots. Feeding cartridges when it comes to rounds.

Ka­property­la wines­comrade­Ki im­em 4 great­in­hundred­ron­them on­re­for with sha­hom 240 mm. Sleep­Ru­zhi trunk ime­em os­but­wa­musing­ki ha­zo­some way­me­ru, en­tab­ku, top­her and the bottom­her emphasis­rings of a trunk­on­kla­doc to­lod­ku­tse­la frice arrester­tyu pro­length­us­mi pro­re­zya­mi, races­by­lo­wives­us­mi and spro­fi­whether­po­van­us­mi so that pla­me­ha­si­tel ig­ra­em and the role of com­Pen­sa­that­ra. Cro­me­go he mas­ki­Ru­em you­arrows when shooting­no but­whose and pre­before­temple­nya­em barrel from for­mud­not­of os­but­wa­musing­Ki im­em emphasis for cres­P­le­niya shty­to-but­Mrs.­le­howl float­me­ha­si­tel and groove for pre­before­temple­neither­those­la mush­ki.

Ha­zo­wow­me­ra wasp­on­another­on re­gu­for­that­rum, slu­Ms.­sa for re­gu­whether­po­wa­sci­po­STI from­ka­that under­vision­hours­tey wto­swarm­lo­same­re­gu­for­tor ne­re­in­is dit­sya eu­whether at length­tel­Noah shooter­without chi­st­ki and grease­Who ki­neither­ka­em for­hold­ka – not­floor­ny by­move under­vision­GOVERNMENTAL hour­tey

At­target­nye at­quick­sob­le­of wines­comrade­ki so­hundred­Yat from op­ti­what­sko­th at­tse­la psi-1 (os­new­No) and Me­Ha­neither­what­sko­go­tse­la uve­whether­what­vision­ti­what­sko­go­tse­la 4 times­le see­- 6 °. Me­Ha­neither­what­sky at­whole with­hundred­um from sec­torus­but­th at­tse­la and mush­ki It is possible to install a night sight NSSP.

STVOL­Naya koi­rob­ka slu­lives for with­one­not­h­me and me­Ha­bottom­mov wines­comrade­ki for obes­ne­what­for­kry­wa­ka­on­fine­la for­your­rum and for­pi­ra­for­your­ra. In the trunk­Noah to­rob­ke on­me­schA­for­the creator­naya ra­ma s for­your­rum and punch­nose­pus­to­howl­Ha­nm­hu she for­kry­wa­em­camping roofs­which­that­swarm­me­schA­em­camping­the gate­ny me­Ha­two­me sleep­rail­us­mi pru­zhi­on­mi RU­to­yat­ka ne­re­behind­along­Ms.­of­by­lo­wives­naya right­wah, from­go­tav­whether­wa­em­camping for­one­but with for for­the creator­Noah ra­my.

Hit­but-trigger­Ha­base – chickens­to­in­go tee­na down­to­howl­Ha­up to­pus­ka­em ve­de­vision roofing­to Odie­the night­but­go go­nya pre­before­temple­neither­tel flag­to­double­but­go dei­st­vii. He is alone­but­vre­man­but for­pi­ra­em descend­to­howling crew­chok and og­ra­neither­chi­wa­em move­same­for­the creator­Noah ra­we are on­ass, under­pi­paradise ru­to­yat­ku ne­re­behind­along­Ms.­of descent­ne­chi­wa­em pro­of­waters­st­during you­stre­la tol­ko at floor­but­stew for­per­tom for­your­re.

Tse­vye with­hundred­um of two­lo­wine supply­wives­some­length­us­mi pro­re­zya­mi slu­Ms.­soup­mi for oh­la­well­de­of

At­treasure “Sk­years old­but­go “ti­na im­em you­rez about­ra­Zuya­running hand­to­yat­ku, you­cut for­stitch­Key deputy­now­ki at­kla­yes ok­but with an­tab­Coy for rem­nya me­tal­whether­what­sky for­rear­Nick Another­at­kla­yes is­Paul­shit­em­sy tol­ko at shooting­be with op­ti­what­skim­tse­scrap. She is with­hundred­um from de­re­wyang­but­go os­but­wa­niya soft­what the­biv­ki with ko­Ms.­by­kry­ti­eat and deputy­ka for cre­P­le­on­kla­de.

In 1991, the SID rifle was adopted, and the SIDS rifle was adopted.

Shooting accuracy

Svd possesses high accuracy for weapons of this type. The best pitch for accurate combat is 320 mm. Until the early 1970s Svd It was produced with such trunks. The snoop of 7N1 was at the same time 1.04 MOA (angular minutes). This is better than even many rifles (despite the fact that there are other things being equal, the self-loading rifle shoots). For example, the M24 sniper rifle is adopted in 1987 in the United States when using a MOA. However, with a 320 mm rifling pitch, it wasn’t much time to go. In the first half of the 1970s, it was 240 mm. Thereafter Svd However, it can be noted that, however, it was up to 1.24 MOA, and the conventional LPS cartridge (57-H-323C) was up to 2.21 MOA. For example, 320 mm.

With sniper cartridge Svd It is possible to see the following targets: head – 300 meters, chest figure – 500 meters, belt figure – 600 meters, running figure – 800 meters. The PSO-1 is designed for firing up to 1,300 meters.

This is true for all sniper rifles. In the distance between the windings of 1.5 m / s is 43 cm. For comparison, the median deviation of the surgeons for 600 m – at a height of 9.4 cm, side 8.8 cm.

A good sniper training allows you to conduct fire even on targets such as helicopters and low-speed aircraft. For example, there is a case of Svd jet attack of the Air Force of El Salvador. This happened on November 12, 1989 near the village of San Miguel. The Cessna A-37B “Dragonfly” aircraft was struck at that time. The aircraft has lost control and crashed. Similarly, the Iraqi militants used to claim the destruction of small reconnaissance UAV RQ-11 Raven by fire.

Svd history

In 1958­do grau­I­in and­lo con­course on cos­Yes­niya sa­my­behind­row­Noah snay­per­voy wine­comrade­ki for co­wet­Sky ar­missions. In con­course on cos­Yes­to peru­spec­tiv­Noah mo­de­I include­chi­whether E.F. Dra­gu­new, A.S. Con­mill­ti­new and S.G. Si­my­new In 1959­du draa­gu­new before­a hundred­fork on is­py­that­niya per­vy va­ri­ant svo­she’s a snake­per­voy wine­comrade­ki CB-58. Win­comrade­ka dra­gu­but­wa on is­py­that­neither­yach­ka­behind­la ho­po­shui heaps­ness battle but yes­wa­la zna­chi­tel­the number of­whether­what­st­in for­der­zhek and yes­same by­lo­mock not­to­that­ryh de­that­leu in wednesday­there is nothing­cut­well­500-600 you­stre­fishing by­after­I am blowing­Gender­that­pa go­yes ush­whether on up­ra­bot­ku kon­st­hands­tion and dos­ti­same­three­buoy­my on­dej­but­steera­bo­you all­Ha­bottom­mov.

To an­re­Liu 1960­yes­su­gift­st­veins­the most valuable­py­that­niya snay­per­wines­that­wok, pre­becoming­linen­on end­course would­Liza­ver­over­us None of the pre­becoming­linen­about­time­we are not satisfied­le­your­sank into the floor­Noah­re­bo­wa­neither­yam so­ti­co-tech­neither­what­sko­go for­Yes­of Win­comrade­ka dra­gu­but­wa by ste­ne­not with­from­wet­st­Vii TTT (tactical and technical requirements) for­neither­ma­la pro­me­zh­exactly­nome­one hundred me­well­do wines­comrade­ka­mi con­mill­ti­but­va and si­my­but­va. Not­dos­that­exactly­but on­dej­naya ra­bo­that wine­comrade­Ki dra­gu­but­wah­yas­nya­las con­st­hands­tiv­no no­before­ra­bot­koi ma­ha­zi­on and fight­howl pru­zhi­us ser­without­Nym not­dos­tat­lump of this wine­comrade­ki would­lo and what her punch­nose­pus­to­howl­Ha­Nesm not obes­ne­chi­shaft without­pass­but­STI about­ra­another­Niya with shouting­zhi­eat

In con­tse 1961­yes si­my­but­woo­I was going to take my own­ra­see­py­that­not due­dos­that­exactly­Noah heaps­but­STI battlefield. In about­blacks­max wines­comrade­K kon­mill­ti­but­va and dra­gu­but­would you­whether the gathering­us: move­ha­Tel Av­that­ma­ti­ki bo­to­howl ha­zo­from­waters­Ny with hectares­zo­vym re­gu­for­that­rum scheme­mara­bo­you aw­that­ma­ti­ki with ko­mouth­kim ho­Porsch house­nya, for­pi­ra­on three fights­oo­ra at­in­po­those for­your­ra but com­by­new­how about­time­times­lich­on. Con­mill­ti­new, stre­diminishing­sew a corner you­le­that poo­whether from­on­fine­la­me­Neal spamme­linen­at­treasure that­tre­bo­wa­lo dos­that­exactly­but you­with­koi ba­zy me­Ha­neither­what­sko­go­tse­la (skla­dy­vayu­another­go­camping for os­in­bo­well­de­on­For the view­niya op­ti­ki). To reduce­over­ha­ba­ri­tov wines­comrade­ki cart­the gate­naya pru­zhi­at least­la ras­by­lo­same­on in­kla­de.

Not­see­ry on­red­new heaps­arsenal­to­that­Rui by­ka­behind­la vin­comrade­How is he­mill­ti­but­va, names­but these two features­Ben­but­sti and not­the star­whether­whether rea­whether­zo­vat­same­la­troops: air­we can­ness one­but­vre­man­but­first pol­zo­wa­niya op­ti­what­skim and me­Ha­neither­what­skim­tse­la­mi i is­Clu­what­the use of­those­what­on­po­ho­out g­call on level­no eyes­behind the arrows­ka for­work­babysitter­soup at­tse­whether­wa­the in re­suhl­that­those svd would­la re­to­man­before­wa­on for of­go­comrade­le­ni as­bo­more than a floor­but satisfied­le­your­ryu­schaya so­ti­co-tech­neither­what­skyline­bo­wa­neither­pits on fight­vym and ex­plow­that­qi­he­nym ha­crayfish­those­ri­STI­kam

In 1963­do Svd would­la pri­nya­that on voo­Ru­same­Union co­wet­Sky ar­missions.

SVD characteristics

  • Caliber, mm: 7.62
  • Used cartridge: 7.62x54R
  • Weapon width: 88 mm
  • Weapon height: 230 m
  • Rifle weight without cartridges: 4.3 kg.
  • Weight of cartridge, g: 21.8
  • Magazine capacity, cartridges: 10
  • Length of rifle, mm: 1225
  • Barrel length, mm: 620
  • The length of the threaded part of the barrel, mm: 547
  • Number of grooves: 4
  • The length of the stroke rifling, mm: 240
  • Sight line length, mm: 587
  • Maximum sighting range, m: 1300
  • Direct shot range, m:
  • head shape: 300
  • on chest figure: 500
  • on the waist figure: 600
  • on a running figure: 800
  • Combat rate of fire, rds / min: 30
  • Initial bullet speed, m / s 830
  • Mass of rifle without cartridges, kg: 4.3
  • Assembly and disassembly of SVD

    Snay­per­Scotch wine­comrade­ka with­hundred­um from next­I am blowing­the host­new­hours­me and me­Ha­bottom­mov:

    • STVO­la with a trunk­Noah to­rob­what from­kry­by­tse­scrap and at­kla­house;
    • Roof­ki barrel­Noah to­rob­ki;
    • WHO­the gate­but­go me­Ha­bottom­ma;
    • Behind­the creator­Noah ra­we;
    • Behind­your­ra;
    • Ha­zo­howl pipes­ki s re­gu­for­that­rum, ha­zo­in­go porsh­nya and tol­ka­those­la with pru­zhi­Noah;
    • STVOL­on­kla­dock­howl and le­howl);
    • Hit­nose­pus­to­in­go me­Ha­bottom­ma;
    • Pre­before­temple­neither­those­la;
    • Ma­ha­zi­on;
    • Another­ki at­kla­Yes;
    • Op­ti­what­sko­go­tse­la;
    • Shty­to-but­Ms.

    In whom­plethora snay­per­voy wine­comrade­ki in­dyat:

    • At­above­lying­ness­floor, about­shooting gallery­ka, er­chic from­vert­ka you­to­lot­ka ne­cash, wt­linen­ka)
    • Re­less
    • Che­hall for op­ti­what­sko­go­tse­la,
    • Sumy­ka ne­re­nose­ki op­ti­what­sko­go­tse­la and ma­ha­zi­new (4 ma­ha­zi­on),
    • Soo­urine­ka ne­re­nose­winter­not­go mouth­Roy­st­wa os­ve­another­niya set­ki for­pass­ba ba­that­re­EC and MAC­linen­ki

    By­along­doc not­floor­Noah time­boron­ki wines­comrade­ki:

    • From­de­pour ma­ha­zine;
    • From­de­pour op­ti­what­sky at­is whole;
    • From­de­pour another­ku­kla­Yes;
    • From­de­pouring roofs­ku trunk­Noah to­rob­ki with cart­the gate­much­Ha­bottom­mom;
    • From­de­pour over­the creator­a new job­mu;
    • From­de­pour over­creator from­the creator­Noah ra­we;
    • From­de­pour punch­nose­pus­to­howl­Ha­base;
    • From­de­pour barrel­on­treasure­ki;
    • From­de­pour ha­zo­high pore­shen and tol­ka­tel with pru­zhi­Noah.

    Wine collection­comrade­ki pro­of­in­is dit­Xia in about­war­Mr. by­row­ke.

    Sources: Armoury-Online.ru, Army.lv


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