Drilling: Three-shotgun for survival and hunting

What is a drilling?

Even in the middle of the city of Zulia, he has gained a fame as a city of gunsmiths. The hands of his masters come out.

The first triangle rifle (drilling) was patented in 1878 Peter Oberhammer.

Drilling - triple-barreled rifleDrilling – triple-barreled rifle

Do not recognize other guns on the hunt. In Europe, there were other companies producing triple-barrels. They didn’t stick there. The mentality is different with American hunters.

The Merkel brothers in 1898 founded their company Merkel. They managed to combine machine production with manual labor. Their products were in great demand. The Merkel was very diverse. The company made double-barreled horizontals with internal triggers, side panels and drillings.

Tees appeared in Russia.

Survival weapons

S. Buturlin admitted that he was the master of everything. Tee is also called forester’s gun. It is suitable for all cases of hunting.

It would be a little bit more than that. These guns like survival weapons, The Second World War in North Africa. It was necessary to ensure that the pilots were defeated on their own.

Drilling Sauer M30Drilling Sauer M30

The pilots were taken out drilling? This story is silent. Each crew was supplied survival weapon, which was chosen as the drillingSauer M30“. The gun was developed in 1930 by YP Sauer & Sohn. It was a universal gun, offered to hunters in various combinations of smooth and rifled barrels. It was a lock type “”. Shooting control was carried out by two triggers.

If you are on the right side of the road, you’ll see it. The gun was equipped with a shneller. When switching the switch to a rifled barrel, a spring-loaded rear sight, adjusted to a distance of 100 m, automatically rose. The command of such kits purchased 2500 pieces. Survival weapon It was 15 kg. The two upper barrels of the gun were smooth, caliber 12/65, and the bottom rifled – 9.3x74R. The length of the barrels is 650 mm, the gun is 3.4 kg. The ammunition of rounds with rounds with 25 rounds of rounds with a rifled barrel.

From the experience of operating a gun

Before the New Year I (author, Viktor Gurov – approx. Ed.) Received a copyright lawyer. With the interview, something didn’t grow together. I thought it would be interesting to me.

In 1962 to the gun IL-58 16/70 I bought triangle rifle for three of them lieutenant wages. He brought this from the front and a five-bar Browning Auto-5. When we were on the hunt, I always spun around him. He advised me to take care of me. With his health, he was getting worse, he was dismissed from service.

He won’t keep for memory. My purchase had a smooth barrels of 16/65 caliber, and I don’t remember the caliber now. I remember that cartridges for him were longer than our rifle cartridges.

Tried out rifled barrel on the four folded newspaper at 100 m. I was satisfied with the result. Somehow the first time I didn’t bother me with a limited number of cartridges for a rifled barrel. I dreamed of shooting moose. In those years we often hunted them. Once on the hunt, I had to spend 5 rounds for the elk on the elk! All hits were on the belly of the animal. Meat, of course, you know. Someone jokingly reminded me of the fable, as a peasant reproached for a foolishness, know, stab, ruined skin.

But for the subsequent hunt. One cartridge. I fell in love with my purchase and hunted only with him. The red walnut is very beautifully executed. Since I was not inferior to IL-58, then I got rid of IL. The stills of many hunters. From me on elk hunting teammates demanded: “You, Vitka, try to shoot in the neck or in the head. Do you remember? “

But all once comes to an end. In 1965, I entered the academy and was preparing to leave. Older comrades advised not to carry a three-bar in Moscow. The rifled barrel was then for amateur hunting. And then got got carried away trap shooting, and with the tricolum had to part.

It is necessary to ensure this success. And such a weapon is triangle rifledrilling.

drilling in Russia Caliber cartridge, forks, elks, red foxes and roe deers; Today firm Merkel produces tees with all possible combinations of barrels. Caliber smooth trunks 12th, 16th and 20/76, and rifled from 5.6 to 9.3 mm. For example, in the design of models Merkel 96 A rimmed barrel is used; a platoon of locks occurs when the gun is opened. For the 28th caliber.

In 1963 the first astronaut Yu.A. Gagarin.

Interesting observations were also made by our contemporary AM. Blum, who has been walking on the hunting trails for many kilometers. He says that he has a double-barreled rifle barrel and a 9mm cartridge. And what would have been a wounded bear? This is a truly powerful rapid-fire and reliable weapon.

In recent years, our hunters have become interested in sparsely populated regions of Russia. In these travels will be the most versatile weapon.

The advantages of tee can be expressed as:

  • less noise when reloading;
  • repeated aim shots happen faster. If you are not sure, you can make shots at the place;
  • no surprises with the feed cartridge;
  • better balance and rifle;
  • clings to clothes and bushes;
  • smaller overall length of the gun (with a length of 600-650 mm).

It is not possible to make a clear shot of the barrel at any distance. This is not a rifle to participate in competition competitions for shooting marmots. It is a rule of thumb for a hunter or a carbine. Not for nothing forester’s weapon. And the gun is interesting.

And for a snack – briefly, in our opinion, weapons for survival …

Drilling BLASER BD 14

It is a true wagon for you, except for the Big Five, etc.
It is strange that all sorts of … … eeem … … “survivalists” for some reason always forget about drillings (Fat Herman is indignant!).

Perfect weapon, really like it. Calibers:

  • 20/76 Ga.
  • .22 Hornet, .222 Remington, 5.6x50mm R Magnum, 5.6x52mm R.
  • 6.5x55mm SE, 6.5x57mm R, 7x57mm R, 7x65mm R Brenneke, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .30 R Blaser, 8x57mm IRS, 9.3x74mm R.

In combination at the request of the customer. On a smooth trunk pay or, if desired, choke.

P.S. Weight, by the way, with 56cm trunks only 3,3kg. =)


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