Drought, precautions and rules for human behavior during drought, water storage and preservation.

Drought caused by long periods of dry weather or insufficient rainfall turns into desert those areas where such conditions exist constantly. Elsewhere, drought may be seasonal and predictable from year to year.. 

Drought, precautions and human behavior during drought, storage and preservation of water.

Where drought is balanced by the wet period, water can be stored in the required volume until the end of the drought period. Underground, carved in stone or concrete concrete tanks of ancient and modern Mediterranean civilizations collect rainwater during the wet period for the whole long dry summer.

, clear a place to bare ground and do not let the flame flare up strongly, not leaving it unattended for a minute.

Hygiene during a drought.

In homes, lack of water can create a risk of spreading infectious diseases. If the water level in the toilet does not provide the siphon, then infection can spread from the sewer, and personal hygiene will also suffer due to lack of water. Sweating helps keep skin pores open and free of dirt, but even when you need to drink all the available water, try to wash your hands after using the toilet and before cooking.

Storage and preservation of water during a drought.

If the rainy season does not start at the expected time or a hot, dry summer has burnt the ground, take precautions. Store as much water as possible and use it wisely. Keep stocks closed and in the shade to prevent evaporation. Dig an appropriate tank pit in a shady area, avoiding tree roots. Cover it with polyethylene or cement, if any. If you live in an area with clay soil, dig a hole and lay it with clay. If such a lining is made with a partial dome, this will help to cool the contents. Keep the remaining hole closed..

Never waste water. The water used in cooking can then be used for washing. Boil all water intended for drinking. If the well is dry, you can deepen it, but the deeper you dig, the more you run out of water in the soil. If the drought does not stop, especially longer than a year, desert conditions may begin to emerge, and the only way out is evacuation if water supplies cannot be brought in. In places with cold nights, temperature differences can condense moisture in the air. Use methods of its collection, as during survival in the desert.

Higher terrain also has large differences in night and day temperatures, which will give better chances of collecting dew in the early morning. Beneficial cool breezes are also possible. Drought can occur anywhere. Even in areas with high rainfall, such as Assam (state in India), there is drought in cases of interruptions with the rainy season. In severe drought conditions, be especially careful about poisoning and pollution of water sources..

Real epidemics of diseases associated with the corpses of dead animals can occur. No matter how strong the thirst, boil any water before drinking it. Flies can be a big problem. Be sure to properly cover all foods. Protect yourself from dust, as it can also be dangerous when the wind carries the upper layers of the soil. During such natural disasters, animals behave unusually. Those who are usually quite peaceful, having lost their minds from thirst, can attack.

Based on the book Complete Survival Guide for Extreme Situations, in the Wild, on Land and at Sea.
John Wiseman.

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