Drug stimulants in the armies of NATO and Russia

For a very long time, mankind tried to use means affecting the consciousness for combat purposes. It has been shown that it has been the case that it has been pumped up with hash. But you can’t find a normal confirmation. But not all this appear out of the blue? Surely various means of expanding consciousness, somehow help in battle. And in the sixties, he decided to check it out.

Great Britain

Honestly, British scientists were guided by choosing LSD as a drug of influence. It was there, it was not a problem. It was not carried out in an experiment. Where the volunteer soldiers were, then they’ve been able to set up a specific combat mission. And what could have been gone wrong?

Actually, there is nothing to add. The experiment completely failed. Clearly and clearly. It is not clear. Shooting from a grenade launcher in such a state …

After that, British scientists decided to further develop this program. Although it was not chosen, it was possible, but some more effective. stimulants?

Again, the experience of the Wehrmacht, where it was used more often than the others. Here and now, it is quite effective. If you do not take into account the consequences. Nevertheless, more experiments with narcotic stimulants did not perform. Up to the two thousandths, when the practice showed the British contingent. It was decided to use it. stimulants of non-amphetamine origin. It helps you to get rid of it.

Because this is a rule of thumb for doctors and doctors, because of this Fortunately, there is no dependence on him. And chronic sleep disorders exist. Nevertheless, it is much softer stimulant, which has proven its effectiveness.


Their colleagues from the United States did not lag behind. Somewhere in 2002, the so-called “American bomber during the“ peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan ”bombed allied positions. As it turned out, it was taken for several months. Under the supervision of military doctors, of course. That is, the United States directly adopted the experience of the Wehrmacht army. It was not a problem. Controlled doses of injection of “antidote” after the completion of the mission. It was the pilots themselves. But alas, the action psychostimulants can not fully predict. It is a prediction of what will happen to the fighter.

Have they stopped this practice in the USA? And the devil knows. There is a subscription of non-disclosure. So if they didn’t stop, they don’t scorch. The truth, alas, is not yet known. While the next loud “case” does not come up.


And now a small request. From now on, you can’t like it. However, I don’t blame anyone. Everyone survives as they can.

Just in our army also used stimulants. And very active. The same pervitin, used even in Nazi Germany, was slightly modernized. Now he has become a little softer and more efficient, but still addictive. However, it was “in service” until 1974. non-narcotic stimulator, non-addictive. And still underway.

Again, it’s impossible to mention one interesting phenomenon. It is included in the first-aid kit, it is included in the first-aid kit for the phospho-organic compound. Until the soldiers discovered his hallucinogenic properties. After that, it was “the phosphorus-based toxic substances”. So I had to urgently change the equipment. And recycle old stocks. Which are still periodically found by various “enthusiasts”. Actually, it was from such a friend that I learned about the properties of this drug. One thing pleases – the addiction to it does not develop. But what can a man in hallucinatory delirium …

Go ahead. Same Afghanistan. It was much more than what the pilots had to endure from the United States. “Sources”, the soldiers began to take stimulants just in order to somehow maintain performance. It was right that the authorities knew what the Mujahideen could shoot tomorrow. And, according to statistics, at least once took narcotic drugs.

What can I add? Go to extreme measures. And use stimulants, even unhealthy – sometimes the way to survive. He couldn’t need to know how to use it.

Drug stimulants in the armies of NATO and Russia. Successful and unsuccessful experiments.

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