Druvors – dried spicy sausages from South Africa

It is more more convenient than vegetables and cereals. It has been a lot of ways to preserve meat. After all, a banal corned beef, though stored for a long time, but the taste is terrible.

Many different options have been proposed with varying degrees of effectiveness. Some of them, such as pemmican, are widely known. It is invented. But the more options for action. Therefore, we will continue to tell you about these little-known recipes. And today we will talk about druvorse (droewors), dried sausages from South Africa.

It is a little longer than usual. Therefore, there are often added various natural preservatives. The sausages were the entrance. However, it was not a problem for all countries to quickly deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with something. And come up with.

Initially, it turned out to be thoroughly, it turned out to be bilting. And then they decided to do the same. And it turned out. It is very tasty.

However, this recipe also has some drawbacks. Fortunately, the weather conditions in South Africa are rather arid and hot. than wet, which led to widespread popularity druvorsa among the local white population.

Traditional recipe druvorsa It sounds like this:

  • 3 kg of beef or venison (But not veal or pork – it loses flavor when it is dried. Always try to choose the leaner beef. The less fat the better.)
  • 100 grams of beef tallow (again, only beef)
  • 25 ml. salt
  • 5 ml of black ground pepper
  • 1 ml ground cloves
  • 15 ml coriander seeds
  • 2 ml nutmeg powder
  • 125 ml brown wine vinegar
  • 200 grams of natural sausage casings

Chop meat thoroughly. You can use it with a knife. Add all the above spices. Mix thoroughly with a fork for 2 hours. At the same amount, put the shell in water. Start the shell with minced meat. Try to put just enough to stock druvorsa was completely filled with tears, not tearing, which is important. Dry for 3-7 days. Store in a dry place. Optionally, as it is a natural preservatives flavor, it has been added to the mince.

According to the original method of preparation, it is necessary to curtain from flies. There is enough UV and airing is good. However, modern cooks dry druvors in special dryers. There, the temperature is adjusted, and so on. But it is possible to do. Only more time will take.

Menu rescue: Druvors &# 8212; traditional dried spicy sausages from south africa

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