Drying clothes and shoes near a fire, preparing for drying, using improvised means, precautions.

Drying clothes near the fire should be carried out on specially provided hangers from 2-3 staghorn stakes driven into the ground with transverse poles laid in them. Or ropes stretched parallel to the bonfire. They should not be located above the flame, but at some distance from it. 

Drying clothes and shoes near a fire, preparing for drying, using improvised means, precautions.

The temperature in the drying zone should not exceed 45-60 degrees. Otherwise, clothing may lose its original strength, and synthetic clothing may melt. Strong heating does not so much dry as spoil things. It is easiest to check the temperature regime by placing a face or hand in the drying zone. If your skin is hot, it means that the heating is excessive and it is better to move the dryer away from the fire.

, when there is no time to build capital reflective canopies, they can be made of wet outerwear, than combine the pleasant – warming your own frozen bodies with the useful – drying clothes. To do this, a rope is passed into the sleeves of jackets, raincoats, etc., which is then stretched parallel to the bonfire behind the backs of people sitting near the fire. Instead of a rope, you can use a long pole, laid on the knots of nearby trees. Or shoulders – stakes driven into the ground, to which cross sticks are stuck, stuck in the sleeves.

Drying shoes near a fire, precautions.

Shoes before drying need to be straightened, straightened, and if it does not keep its shape, stretch the shafts to the sides with the help of small sticks inserted inside. Then the shoes should be laid sideways on a dry stone laid beneath them, hanged on branches stuck into the ground, or tied over a fire with ropes. Only necessarily cotton that are not afraid of fire. And be sure to move away from the fire. Most inexperienced travelers do the opposite. Wanting to get a quick result, they try to put wet shoes or boots almost into the bonfire.

As a result, excessive point overheating leads to the fact that the skin on the shoe is warped and cracked, felt boots dry out, and synthetic coatings can simply melt. By the way, I once had to travel in crowded over fire and therefore lost their shape and decreased by three sizes boots. And I had to see how my socks from artificial fabric turn into hot, synthetic jets and drops flowing from the crossbar. The criterion for drying shoes should be recognized as heating the surface of the shoe, which should not exceed 40-45 degrees. That is, when touched, the skin of the fingers should not feel heat.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Natural Conditions.
Andrey Ilyin.

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