Duck stuffed, self-made, material, pattern and pattern, manufacturing procedure.

Traditionally, stuffed ducks make from ancient times. Linden is best suited for this. It is light, easy to process, pricks little. Churbachki for scarecrows need to be prepared in advance. Without removing the bark, allow them to dry thoroughly and only then proceed with processing. 

Duck stuffed, self-made, material, pattern and pattern, manufacturing procedure.

Depending on what kind of stuffed duck you are going to make, blanks should be 30 to 35 cm long and 18-20 cm in diameter. They need to be cleaned of bark and each split lengthwise into two equal halves in thickness. A stuffed carcass will come out of each, the heads are made of separate pieces of wood.

Having cut out two templates from thick paper or cardboard depicting the shape of a future stuffed animal from the side and from below, their outlines are transferred to the workpiece and with the help of a cutter, chisel or knife, all excess wood is removed. The dimensions of the blanks are shown in the table below. Then, also in draft, the head is cut out and into its lower slice, after making a hole in it, a stick is inserted into the glue, protruding outward by 2-2.5 cm.

Patterns for making stuffed ducks.

Duck stuffed, self-made, material, pattern and pattern, manufacturing procedure.

In the neck section on the torso, the stuffed animals drill a hole for this stick so that the head can be connected to the torso. Having done this, they proceed to the final finishing of the stuffed animal with a rasp and emery paper. All cracks and irregularities are puttied, stuffed with hot linseed oil and dried. A metal eyelet is driven into its bottom 4-5 cm from the front edge.

Sizes of effigies of noble and diving ducks.

Duck stuffed, self-made, material, pattern and pattern, manufacturing procedure.

If duck stuffed animals are made of polystyrene foam (only hard, finely porous grades are suitable), the sequence of these operations does not change. Only the need for an ax and a chisel disappears – a sufficient knife.

A good duck stuffed animal should be absolutely even, without any heel to stay on the water. For this, even before coloring, it is necessary – if necessary – to balance it, driving a stuffed animal from one side or the other of the pellet into the bottom. After the scarecrow dries, you can begin to paint it. Oil paints are best suited for this..

At the same time, it is not necessary to reproduce the pattern of individual feathers, you just need to correctly convey the color characteristics characteristic of a given duck species with color and outline. Hunting with scarecrows is carried out either in spring or in the second half of autumn, that is, during periods when all or some part of the drakes are dressed in their main, bright outfit.

Therefore, some duck stuffed animals need to be painted under the drake. So that after painting the stuffed ducks do not shine (which always scares people flying up to them), you need to wipe them with a cloth soaked in kerosene or acetone.

Duck stuffed animals can also be made from polyurethane foam. But for this, you first need to make a plaster mold, using as a template a ready-made (rubber or plastic) stuffed animal.

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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