DX-12 “Punisher” – if Glock made shotguns …

… If you’ve made a shotgun, or rather a tactical double-barreled gun, then it would look that way.

But it doesn’t make it possible to disperse efforts. And in these photos (or rather, the pictures) shows a double-barreled shotgun (double-barreled shotgun) DX-12 “Punisher”, concept design, developed by a talented artist Ivan Santic.

This is where you really liked the shotgun with a look.

He has been published on Artstation.com, where he has been published for the first time DX-12 “Punisher”. But Ivan’s personal site – moth3r.com, where you can find a lot of interesting things!

DX-12 “Punisher” &# 8212; if glock were making shotguns&# 8230;

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