DynCorp, or “do not swear at Blackwater, they are good”

Widely known in narrow circles Dyncorp Many alternatively gifted citizens unreasonably consider the oldest PMC in the world. What is the reason?

It’s simple …

DynCorp –

The company itself Dyncorp appeared already in 1946. More precisely not yet Dyncorp, in 1946, decided to unite. And this association provided intimate maintenance services. USAF anywhere in the world wherever they are based. They are mechanics, technicians, airfield employees. In short, they were a classic support office that lived on contracts from USAF.

The progenitors who merged in ecstasy were:

  • California Eastern Airways (not very successful air carrier)
  • Land-air inc (which was for employees for aerodrome services)

If it is considered PMC, then Halliburton is generally PMC-millionaire (however after PMC you can’t be surprised at anything) …

Then there was a whole corporation Dynaelectron, tightly sat on the energy market. And all over the world. In the period of the 60s-80s Dynaelectron I did not disdain to agree third-party specialists to solve their problems. Fortunately, it was not possible to see any other competitors.

And honestly say Dynaelectron Killer in the notorious oil wars of the 70s. In the list of hirelings, even stars such as Bob denard and Siegfried muller, it is the odiousness of the figures PMC.

However, at some point, or rather in 1987, a strategic decision was made. AND Dynaelectron finally becomes decid to legalize Dyncorp. He was involved in the Texaco, which was more involved in the energy sector. It is also decides to cut down on this bubble. Waste and sodomy begins.

Where did the money from the poor mercenary?

But first, some facts. Basic earnings Dyncorp The intellectual majority believes. And all the same, with what she started. From contracts USAF aircraft servicing USAF and the provision of hired aerodrome personnel. In the third world countries. A separate item of income are several air tankers.

They are a contract for fleet maintenance contracts. In the territory USA their customers are Coast security and Fbi. Outside USA There are a lot of customers, mostly they are located in Africa and South America.

A separate pride Dyncorp is a rather rare service industry intelligence services “Full construction”. True, there was Madagascar, Malawi, Uganda and (God forgive me) Ghana.

But this fact is invariably presented by managers and operatives as a fierce achievement. Well, okay, let them do it! God will judge them. Attempts to thrust on the fiefdom CIA – Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic didn’t have much success.


The fact is that the power unit Dyncorp It was formed according to the rules of the order – “ Because despite the fact that Dyncorp It is considered one of the largest in terms of the number of personnel involved (about 3000 employees around the world), it is difficult to meet and get fucked up. In general, it is even strange that Dyncorp, Looking at how everywhere, wherever her mercenaries would appear,

But because it is a bitch! ”, Because they cover Dyncorp as soon as they can. But the reputation clinical idiots, he can be established anywhere. You can recall the most odious.

For example, when he received his health care, he quickly became confused. Latin America. If you’re not in a state of the art, you’re not happy with the transportation of goods. Caught. Guilty planted, fucked guide.

Go ahead. AT El salvador It has been established that it has been in the process of being able to get involved. Guilty planted again, and fucked the leadership again.

A separate and beautiful story was associated with Ecuador. There they were supposed to deliver DEA, and prepare special forces for local control. And what do you think? They were imprisoned for USA. For a contract, they received $ 135 million … Silently pause, yeah … CIA plunged into, and about Dyncorp simply forgotten. No, of course, the perpetrators were again seated, and the management was anally punished.

These are some kind of irregular bees …

It’s a great reminder of what it’s about.

– Man, I do not get it. Are you a hunter or fagot ?!

In short, you can score about five to six dozen. You didn’t get enough. What kind of leads? But in all cases, from the universal anal punishment and acceleration Dyncorp the abstractedly involved with them. In their list and DEA, and CIA, and even NSA.

Each time the leadership was taken. Dyncorp It was a warm day where it could be seen. Do not forget USAF. And if you overclock one main contractor, then where can you get a new one? BUT Air force – This is all the same immediate reaction force. And explain to the ranks of Pentagon, It is dispersed, because it’s not possible, you can’t get it.

It doesn’t have to be a success, so it’s not a success. I can’t imagine how I’m trying to However … You can advise Yatsenyuk, it will definitely not be worse.

But this is not the end

However, not by single-mindedness … Mercenaries Dyncorp have a legitimate reputation scumbags. “For dating reasons,” he said. The conflict in Africa (starting in the long-suffering) Eritrea for example, in general, for local practices, local law), Dyncorp find out everywhere.

AT Bosnia They were implicated by the Albanians and again. AT Iraq stupidly shot the locals. And in Afghanistan… Well, of course, they were in the woodcocks. Again, not for profit, but lulz for. But there is nothing more fun than an operative. Dyncorp, in whose eyes plait opium landing. I’m afraid of the blow now.

It is clear that every time it all opens. There are clearly a lot of things you can do about it.

Bad reputation – good reputation

But the reputation of Dyncorp has already developed the corresponding. And it’s interesting. Not all PMC agrees to carry out a punitive operation. BUT Dyncorp – easily. Plus, there is a nice bonus.

In general, for the period of its existence (since 1987), the division PMC Dyncorp was implicated in more than 500 (!!!) scandals associated with stones, sex, fucking, caring for terrorism and … Well, except that fact.

Shortly speaking Dyncorp – This is the largest gadyushnik in the world. PMC, who are equally hated by the shop. And a very expressive example of what comes out PMC, It was created and exists. Trying to simply pump out maximum money.

And yes. To date, Dyncorp There are no statistics on how much this data is taken.


DynCorp, or &# 171; do not swear at Blackwater, they are good&# 187;

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