Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

When you go camping and start packing your backpacks or your vehicle, it can be a bit daunting to start considering what foods to carry, which ones are appropriate and which ones are not, etc. It can take many hours of preparation and planning. Some people just go to the local store and buy what they see, all pre-packed and ready to eat, others do not like this type of food and prefer to cook their own meals. Both approaches are fine, as long as the food you pack is nutritious and satisfying.

Camping in combination with hiking or trekking requires that you have enough food to replace your lost electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

Here we will give you the best camping food ideas, all tested and proven. We will give you ideas for packaged foods and which one is your best option, as well as ideas and recipes for meals that you can prepare yourself around the campfire. If you do not intend to start a campfire, there will also be ideas for you, on how to prepare a meal without the need for a campfire. At least you can take a camping stove (very compact and easy to set up) and boil some water for use in some dry foods.

What to bring and what is best left at home.

Lunch is a little more special in relation to the other two meals. Lunch should be more satisfying and nutritious than the rest. Yes, you do not have to take hours for preparation, extra pounds to load, nor should you require special cooking equipment to do. Our ideas will show you how easy it can be to prepare a camp lunch and enjoy it.

There are several types of foods that you should opt for. For bread and pasta, it is better to opt for pretzels (almost any type), bagels, pita breads and even rice cakes. To add to the bread and pasta, consider some differentials at the top. Good suggestions are peanut butter, cream cheese and even hummus. Keep them in reliable and resistant plastic boxes or tubes. The risk of breaking the original container is less in this way. Also, using a tube will make it easier to spread slices of bread or pita on top.

All this would be quite boring and boring to eat, so you would need more variety for your lunch. Your best options are beans, quinoa, lentils, taco salad and buckwheat. They contain those important vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of your body. If you are a vegetarian, you should know that quinoa contains all the essential amino acids present in the meat. Also, to keep your backpacks as light as possible, opt for plastic boxes for salads. There are some dishes and bowls to camp in the market, so we recommend you take some time to review them.

Do not forget to pack some vegetable salads to keep your meals fresh and juicy. Too much bread and grains can dry your mouth too fast to really enjoy any type of food. So do not go camping if you do not plan on taking something fresh and juicy with you. The best options for vegetable salads are carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (or tomato slices) and radishes. All these contain large amounts of water and are a great complement to your main dish. They are also tasty and will give you the necessary freshness.

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

Fruits and berries contain lots of water and vitamins that contribute to a healthy meal. Add apples, cranberries, grapes, oranges, etc. The berries are probably the most nutritious per 100 gr and may be your number one choice. The others are richer in vitamin C and high in water content.

The other type of food that should be part of every camper diet is meat and eggs, of course. The lighter variants are canned tuna, hard cheese, hard-boiled eggs. To add to that, if you’re a vegetarian, you can opt for tofu and other soy products. Always consider packing hard versions of your favorite foods, since softer foods can easily break in your backpack and weigh more.

To make everything easier, you can put some prepared meals at home, to end up having a meal per plastic box. By using this method, optimize your backpack and end up having fewer boxes to wash later. Your backpack will be much lighter and more compact.

Other very fast options for meals:

  • Nuts, protein bars, dried fruit mixes, nuts, dates, etc. Nutrients are considered denser and easier to pack, since they occupy very little space. You should absolutely consider packing some of these as well, as they can be a very quick refreshment between the main courses.
  • Sandwiches are also a good idea: fast, tasty and satisfying. Consider some homemade granola bars. They are delicious and quick to prepare. If you do not want to spend time making granola bars, you can find them at the nearest grocery store.

If you always want to cook your own food and do not want to eat dried fruits and nuts, you should prepare some sturdy aluminum foil and some easy and quick recipes for campfires. There are some very good ideas for campfire meals that will not take more than 30 minutes to prepare and cook completely. They also require only a handful of products and the end result is a hot and tasty meal.

Classic campfire meal ideas

Here we will share some really good and quick ideas for campfire meals, which require only a few ingredients and tough aluminum foil.

  • If you have packed some oranges and raw eggs, here is a great recipe for you. You can carve the inside of the orange and then break one or two eggs into the carved orange. Then place the lid of the orange again on it, to cover the eggs and wrap them in the foil. Place everything next to the hottest charcoals and let it cook for no more than 7-8 minutes, 10 maximum. Be careful when removing it from the fire and inspect the eggs. Sprinkle some spices and salt to taste and enjoy this fast and easy camping lunch.
  • Another very popular and equally fast food is cooking potatoes with some vegetables. You can cut the potato and the vegetable into cubes. Then, put some oil or butter (if you have) and put all that in sturdy aluminum foil. If you have a thinner blade, twist it twice to make the bottom thicker and stronger. Wrap the contents well in the foil and, again, place everything on the coals next to the fire. Let cook 15 minutes. You can check it sometimes by unfolding it and picking up the potatoes with a fork. If the potato feels soft and tender, then it is ready to be removed. Otherwise, let him cook a little more.

If it takes place in your backpack or in your vehicle, you should definitely pack a Dutch oven. You have infinite opportunities to experiment with the food you have at hand. You can basically cook anything with the Dutch oven. In addition, you can prepare some sticks and cook hamburgers and other vegetables directly on the fire. Be careful, of course, not to burn and burn the food. Do not forget the smores, as they are a typical camping food.

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

To make smores you would need cookies, chocolate bars and marshmallows. Break a cookie in half. Place a chocolate bar on top of one of the halves. Then take a marshmallow on a stick and place it over the fire. When it is ready and hot, place it on top of the chocolate bar and put the other half of the cookie on top of everything. Finish with a tasty and sweet sandwich and # 8216; Very fast and easy to do. It is an absolute classic.

Do not underestimate the drinks of course. We’re sure you would not say no to a coffee or hot chocolate, or even a cappuccino, if you had the chance. So pack something, boil the water and pour the contents.

Additional and # 8220; save your time and # 8221; ideas

Of course, you do not want to spend half your time cooking, so there’s a way to avoid all that. There are some practical recipes, very quick and easy, that will save you a lot of time so you can enjoy camping.

Consider oranges as your best friend around the campfire. You can cook many things inside an orange half carved. A good example of such a dessert is the orange brownie Cut the top of an orange and cut the flesh of the fruit. Then take a brownie mix and follow the instructions on the box. Put the brownie mixture in the empty orange and put the lid. Then wrap the orange in a high strength sheet and put it on a warm charcoal bed. This makes a perfect breakfast for both children and adults.

The orange should be ready in 15-20 minutes maximum. Of course, you can regularly check the situation by removing the lid and observing how the brownie is cooked.

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

If you take a skillet (pan) you will also have a variety of recipes to experience. For example, you can make quick pancakes with only a handful of ingredients such as flour and oil.

You can also do french toast. It is really delicious and a favorite for children. You only need several slices of bread and eggs. Mix the eggs in a bowl, while in the meantime, heat the cooking oil in the pan. When you are finished with that, take the slices of bread and wrap them in the eggs, so that they are well soaked. Then fry the slices of bread until they are well browned.

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

Do not overcook them or they will really turn black and they will not be edible. When they’re ready, cover them with maple syrup or another favorite sweetener, or simply roll them in regular sugar and enjoy them.

A good meal is use potatoes and onions only. Take a large potato and cut it into slices, but without cutting them completely, the potato still needs to be whole. Place sliced ​​onions in the potato slices and sprinkle with oil (or butter) and some spices and salt. Roll once more in sturdy aluminum foil and place it over the coals. This meal does not need more than 15 minutes. If you wish, check the potato with a fork, pressing it with your fork. When removing the fork, the potato should remain in its place. If you get stuck on the fork, you need a little more time to cook and soften completely.

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

If you want something more serious, you can also prepare some fish, such as tuna, mackerel, trout, etc. Take the fish fillets and place them in aluminum foil. Put some lemon rolls on top of the fish. You can also add some rolls of garlic or onion, if desired. Also add a little oil to taste, for example. olive oil. Then wrap it in aluminum foil and place it over the coals at the base of the campfire. The fish does not need more than 15 minutes to be ready to eat. This is a very quick and easy recipe that does not leave dishes or bowls to wash afterwards.

The best tips from experienced travelers.

A good idea is to prepare at home all the meals you plan to eat. Wrap them in aluminum foil and place them in a cooler. This is a much easier way to have a meal ready when you arrive at your campsite. You will be tired and hungry when you get there to start cooking and preparing everything from scratch. Therefore, planning all that at home will definitely save you time in the preparation stage. In this way, you will only have to unpack and place the food in the charcoal bed and wait about 15-20 minutes for your plate. Meanwhile, you can set up your campsite.

A good tip to follow is to place onion rolls in the foil before placing all the other ingredients. Most foods do not taste good when cooked in direct contact with heat, while onions taste good even if they are slightly cooked or lightly burned. Also, do not forget to use cooking spray on your aluminum foil, or your food may get stuck and that will surely burn the food where it was in contact with the foil.

A good idea of ​​optimization is to dehydrate your food. Almost anything can become dehydrated and rehydrated in the place. This method will help you carry a much lighter load (or backpack). Basically you will only need boiled (or normal) water to prepare all the food. There are many dry foods such as potato powder, dried soups, etc. There is also dry meat that can be very tasty, even dry. There are other ideas such as dry noodles, dehydrated onions, oats, dried tomatoes, cous cous and bulgur.

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

There are also dehydrating machines that can give you the option to dehydrate almost anything that comes to mind. It would be totally homemade, less processed and you will make sure to give your family food without preservatives.

We still have to give you some tips on how to store these foods before using them. You should know that most of these foods contain oil. The oil in dry foods can turn them bad quickly, as the oil becomes rancid over time. Therefore, keep these foods refrigerated until you use them. Also, remember that the meat should be dehydrated at higher temperatures. This is to kill some bacteria and potential organisms. Otherwise, vegetables and fruits do not have to dehydrate at such high temperatures. For better instructions, you can also read the instructions that come with your dehydration machine.

There are also freeze-dried foods, so if you want more variety in your meals, you can consult them. Mountain House has a large number of lyophilized foods, such as beef with noodles, lasagna with meat sauce, turkey, spaghetti, biscuits and gravy, etc. They specialize in preparing meals for camping and hiking, so you can rely on their approach.

Easy Camping Food Ideas: Best Recipes + Advices from the Experts

And another tip from our side: if you really want your meals to be very tasty, you can definitely try adding different spices and herbs. There are many great combinations to refresh the tastes. Especially good are oregano, mint, tasty, cilantro and fenugreek. If you want more heat in your food, consider cayenne pepper, chili and turmeric.

Camping food can be a fun experience and requires a little creativity. And when you get used to this, it can become a long-awaited experience. Every time you go camping you will really love preparing your meals instead of fearing them. The recipes and ideas above can be combined with other fruits, vegetables or favorite foods. When you try the original version that we gave you, you can experiment with yours. Have fun and enjoy your camping adventure!


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