Eating anaconda

You can not expect it. From the zoo can escape anaconda, boa or python. Perhaps one of your neighbors At one point, she is devoured by her master, and then decided to choose a supplement. And here it lies already on your way. What to do?

We will provide you with information on how to get started. This is a manual has been for the long time. So …

What if anaconda attacked you

  1. If you are attacked anaconda, do not run. She still moves faster. Do not panic in any case!
  2. Lie on your back. Squeeze your legs tightly and press your hands to your body.
  3. Hold your chin against your chest.
  4. Snake will begin to crawl over you.
  5. Do not panic.
  6. After your snake your legs – anaconda always starts with the feet. Let her swallow her feet and ankles. Do not panic!
  7. Then the snake will. It will be completely still. do not panic!
  8. It is slowly, it’s possible to make it out. Then, jerk the knife up, cutting its head.
  9. Always carry a knife.
  10. The knife must be sharp.

Most likely this text was coined by one of couch survived. There are some hard inaccuracies in the text.

  • First of all, before you eat you snake cool massage your back, breaking all the bones. She wraps around the body, tightens the rings, tighter and tighter, until she strangles her victim completely. Agree, your appetite will be completely spoiled.
  • Secondly, no self respecting anaconda will, starting with the feet. Anaconda is a great killer. She will not be able to carry out such a cunning plan. You will be frankly still.

Then, what to do? anaconda? Believe me, ten meters snake weighing 150 kilograms is not so difficult to notice. To start at any cost, avoid attacking. If you notice a huge snake, It should be photographed on the phone! Better move away to a safe distance.

When attacking snakes It is clear that you’ve been plucking your head.

Snake will accept it. Do not hope that getting into the stomach snakes you will be able to carry out any manipulations there. You will suffocate long before your shoe disappears in your mouth. Body snakes You can’t move away from the inside with a knife.

Teeth snakes It is clearly not out.

The only opportunity survive in a fight with anaconda – it has been scooped up for free. At the first roll snakes try to cover your neck. It is the best. Moreover, if you are right-handed, then you should be left-handed, then your right. It is best to use the dog.

Next, grab the knife with your second hand. Of course, it’s not a problem. Therefore, we can read ordinary small knife. Small pindyurki with key chains – this is not a knife. This is a metal toothpick!

You can separate the head anaconda from the rest of the hose So you can tell the seller in the hunting shop. He will understand!

So, grab the knife and start cutting off her head. It is not a lot of blood. Cold sticky trickle. Do not hesitate! Your life depends on it!

Snake There are two options here:

  • The first option: she recognizes you are a poisonous creature and dump.
  • Option two – she decides to quickly destroy you. I’m trying to get it, I’m trying to throw a ring. Believe me, they are masters of ringbros, It was not her choice. This is your only chance to survive. Otherwise – it will simply strangle you fuck!

I hope that the body will fall to the ground. It will continue to be the case for cramps. The fall of the creature will be convulsively even when cut off. If you’re away, you’ll be completely lost.

In general, you need to be prepared for any situation, including even such. I agree with the last two recommendations completely.

Always carry a knife! The knife must be sharp!

What to do if anaconda eats you

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