Eating frogs and toads, dishes from frogs and toads, deep-fried frog recipe. Extreme cuisine.

As for modern cooking, the legs of these frogs and toads are not so rare on more sophisticated tables, especially in Europe, where they are an expensive delicacy. 

Eating frogs and toads, dishes from frogs and toads, deep-fried frog recipe. Extreme cuisine.

Although many of the frogs and toads consumed by Europeans are grown here, on the continent, in particular in Yugoslavia. An even greater number of them are frozen from Cuba and from the United States, where the product has not yet received wide distribution, with the possible exception of the southern states. There night hunting for frogs and toads provides lovers with a key ingredient in stews.

at night with flashlights, guided by a loud croak. Hypnotized by light amphibians are collected using pointed sticks, nets, or simply with their hands. Then they carry them home in baskets or bags and keep them alive until morning. The next day, the frogs are gutted and washed, strung on bamboo sticks, fried over an open fire and served with rice, sometimes spicy sauce is added.

Frogs can be seen in the street markets with dozens (hundreds?) Jumping like crazy in large frying pans covered with wire nets. And also suspended, like garlic heads or peppers, on a long rope or fried on the same bamboo skewers. Deep-fried frogs look like men in suits – arrogant plutocrats? And almost magically disappear in the mouth like cotton candy. The legs are never separated from the body and are not thrown away. Everything goes to food, including bones. In one of my favorite Bangkok restaurants, frogs are fried in oil and served in the form of crispy chips no thicker than a paper sheet.

With toads, everything is different. If at the mention of frogs some wrinkle their nose, then when hinting at these relatives they make many scary eyes. Speaking flatteringly about toads, you risk permanently losing the location of your interlocutors. And again, the whole thing, I think, in appearance. If the frog is smooth and moist, then most toads are dry and dotted with warts. In addition, not so long ago, one of the species that lives in the Sonora desert in the southwestern United States has gained a bad reputation because of the secreted secret, which, when it gets into the respiratory tract when dry, acts as a dangerous hallucinogen.

He has a taste of glue for the designer, ”said one woman who sniffed a toad. I took a few deep breaths and the dust penetrated my lungs. Instantly, goosebumps ran through my body. A minute later I was already on the ground and rushing about, as if in a fit. I could not control my actions, as if my body did not belong to me. I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t … It was awesome!

The legs of the toads are shorter, and, accordingly, there is less meat in them. On the other hand, many species of toads are edible, and if instead of the recommended three or four pairs of frog legs, you will have to take five or six pairs of toads per serving – well, that’s not bad either. There are no fundamental differences in cooking methods. Finally, a few words about toad wine. Almost all the representatives of the world of insects and reptiles are used to flavor whiskey and wine, usually in the hope that the combination of these components (gecko and rice wine, snake and whiskey, etc.) will produce a certain therapeutic effect. As a rule, it is believed that such drinks give longevity and sexual strength..

In 1995, a craze for toad wine in Cambodia nearly destroyed the entire population of these amphibians. The demand for wine (reminiscent of a strong porter and cheaper than whiskey and beer) was so high that Cambodian Minister of Nature Dr. Mok Maret urged toad hunters to stop fishing, disastrous for the whole ecosystem. Traditional medicine practitioner Chai Sing Wai, a practitioner in Phnom Penh, says that, unlike wine, the infused nagekkone that came from Vietnam and China, toad wine is a purely Khmer invention.

In accordance with the recipe recommended by him, the toads should be dried, fried, squeezed and the juice mixed in wine along with some herbs, including black sugarcane – it turns out a thick drink, which is justified to drink from a spoon. What for? According to unconfirmed assurances, the use of toad wine allows you to cure syphilis and a number of other sexually transmitted diseases, and in addition, increases appetite and improves sleep. Truly an offer that is hard to refuse. Nevertheless, the Deputy Minister of Nature, Pu Savat, remained indifferent to him: I prefer toads, which catch harmful insects that destroy crops. ” Good to be healthy.

A recipe for a frog dish called Chaud-froid a L’Aurore.

Cook the frog legs over low heat in first-class white wine. Cool them, clean and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Then soak one by one in Chaud-froid fish sauce with paprika. It should have a golden color. Lay the legs on a layer of champagne jelly prepared in a square silver dish or in a crystal bowl.

Between the legs, put chervil bundles and tarragon leaves imitating aquatic vegetation, and cover everything with a layer of the same jelly to create the effect of an aquatic environment. Serve the dish to the table in a block of ice, the shape of which let your imagination tell you.

Deep Fried Recipe.

100 tadpoles.
5 large eggs.
4.5 liters of pond water in a bucket.
3 cups breadcrumbs.
A pinch of hot red pepper.
4 cups of vegetable oil, heated to 260 degrees.

Release the tadpoles into the water and wait until they have paws and the tail disappears. While you wait, mix breadcrumbs with red pepper, write a detective novel. Raise children and take a trip around the world. When the frogs grow up, dip them in an egg, roll in a mixture of crackers and pepper and fry until golden. Serve as is or as fudge.

Based on the book Extreme Cuisine.
Jerry Hopkins.

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