Eating meat of spiders and scorpions, dishes from spiders and scorpions. Extreme cuisine.

The first thing a client sees when entering the Imperial Herbal restaurant is the large glass windows of a real pharmacy of traditional medicines, which feature deer antlers, dried animal penises, carcasses of spiders and scorpions. 

Eating meat of spiders and scorpions, dishes from spiders and scorpions. Extreme cuisine.

The restaurant was one of the first enterprises in the country to have a corporate partner from China – the Tien Jin Corporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It offered a wide selection of widespread Chinese dishes – for customers who did not want to try specialties.

with scissors his poisonous glands. Then strangle the spider by pressing a finger on the thoracic region. After that, wash it, sprinkle with a mixture of sugar, salt and monosodium glutamate. Fry a small amount of crushed garlic in oil well, and when the garlic gives a distinct smell, put a spider in it. Fry until the legs are crispy. The abdomen, which is considered the most delicious part in Cambodia, will retain a semi-liquid consistency. The taste of raw tarantula meat is difficult to characterize. Perhaps something in between the almonds and the contents of chicken bone.

In this part of Asia, as in other poorest regions of the world, the constant search for food is a way of life, and everything that crawls or flies turns out to be in a plate with unchanged rice and herbs. Along the roadsides and near roadside cafes, one can often see women with trays on which barbecue from 5-centimeter spiders bristled with hairs are stacked on a wooden stick. The main customers are motorists. In 1997, about 20 American cents were asked for four spiders on a wooden skewer with fiery green peppers..

Spiders and scorpions differ from insects in a number of ways. They have four pairs of legs, no wings and antennae. The insects have six legs, one pair of antennae-antennas and many adult individuals have one or two pairs of wings. In addition, insects eat almost any organic food: plants, living organisms, wood, garbage, etc., while spiders and scorpions are carnivorous, and feed on insects. However, there are times when they coexist peacefully.

Based on the book Extreme Cuisine.
Jerry Hopkins.

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