Eating the inner layer of the bark of trees, resins and gums, coniferous tea, birch and maple syrup.

The trees themselves, as well as their fruits and nuts, which are priceless for those in distress, can provide for food needs, especially in areas where there is little other vegetation. The thin inner layer of the bark of some trees (birch, aspen, poplar, maple, pine, etc.) is not only edible, but also nutritious. It is best in spring when plant juice begins to flow.. 

Eating the inner layer of the bark of trees, resins and gums, coniferous tea, birch and maple syrup.

Take the bark closer to the base of the tree or from exposed roots. Using a knife, unscrew it to get to the inner layer. It is slightly sweet in taste and can be eaten raw, but you can make it more easily digestible by long cooking, which will turn it into a jelly-like mass. After that, it can be fried, and then used as flour for grinding.

can be removed from the tree with large plates, which makes it an excellent material for roofing shelters or making small containers. North American Indians use it to build their canoes.

Coniferous tea recipe.

Brew needles ate in boiling water. Take only fresh green needles. The resulting liquid is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin can also be obtained directly by chewing on delicate young needles whose starch-rich green tips are especially pleasant in spring. Spruce grows even far to the north and is an important source of nutrition when there are too few other vegetation around..

Using tar and gum trees.

The juice of some plants, which protrudes when cut, solidifies with a lump. If it dissolves in water, then this is gum, if not then resin. Both substances contain a lot of nutrients, are rich in sugar and are a valuable product in an emergency. Some of them have medical qualities, others are highly flammable and are excellent material for kindling fire..

Cooking Birch and Maple Syrup.

Collect birch or maple juice. To do this, make a V-shaped cut in the cortex to collect the resulting sugary juice. Below this cutout, make a hole in the barrel where you insert a sheet that will serve as a groove to direct the juice into some container. Take the juice daily and boil it. A lot of steam will come out of it and the juice will turn into syrup. This is a nutritious product that instantly supplies energy and the work of its extraction is worth the effort..

Based on the book Complete Survival Guide for Extreme Situations, in the Wild, on Land and at Sea.
John Wiseman.

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