Eating urine, a cocktail recipe for urine and mango, urinotherapy. Extreme cuisine.

A lot of people believe in urine therapy. Adherents of urine believe that human urine – own, and not someone else’s – can serve as a means of treating a number of diseases. Increase skin tone, help cleanse the body of toxins and stimulate spiritual growth. At the same time supplying the body with some nutrients. 

Eating urine, a cocktail recipe for urine and mango, urinotherapy. Extreme cuisine.

This belief is so widespread that in 1996, perhaps the most unusual scientific conference of our time was held in the Indian city of Goa. The first World Conference on auturinotherapy, which was attended by about 600 delegates. It was held for three days and was organized by the Indian branch of the Living Water Fund..

warns against its use, indicating the presence of hazardous waste), however, among the medical establishment of the modern West, it is difficult to find those who are ready to defend its healing properties. Doctors say that the properties of urine are not well understood, and insist that the literature on urine therapy is based not on the results of scientific research, but on private evidence..

In addition, today a special sound has acquired the warning of doctors about the danger of ingestion of any fluid produced by the body. Saliva, blood, urine, etc. – as a possible carrier of HIV infection. Meanwhile, the amount of literature on this subject is impressive. Many books have been published previously, many are published and reprinted today, but they are not always easy to find. The latter include, in particular, the Miracle of Urinotherapy, the source of health and beauty (translated into Thai) by Dr. R. Nakao, and a book considered academic, entitled The Golden Source: A Complete Guide to Urinotherapy by Dutch author C. van der Kroon, which, according to According to him, urine refreshes the face, like aftershave.

They say that a book on the same topic by German radio journalist Carmen Thomas A very special juice was sold in a circulation of 750 thousand copies. Adherents of urinotherapy object to treating urine as a toxic waste product. They agree that urea — 2.5% in urine — can be poisonous when high in the blood, but the same urea is used worldwide as a key component of many skin products. They also remind us that urinotherapy is based on the principle of natural cycles..

If, they say, do not interfere with chemicals in the body’s natural cycle, the latter produces urine suitable for reuse. If you consume chemicals – and processed foods contain those – then some of them will be in the urine, and then its composition will change. The literature suggests several ways to take this caustic yellow liquid: drinking (morning urine is considered the best), starting with a few drops and bringing the intake to a glass a day, rinsing the mouth (helps with toothache, colds and tonsillitis), enemas, ear and eye drops, vaginal douching (for fungal infections).

For those who find it difficult to force themselves to drink urine, adherents of living water recommend gradually mixing it with morning juice. And many suggest that urine be included in traditional Indian dishes. Other uses are also found. If, for example, a person steps on a sea urchin or a wasp stings him, then the best thing to do is to urinate on the wound. I tried, I confirm. But to drink … Who knows what awaits us? In the Water World (1995), one of the most expensive Hollywood films at that time, the hero Kevin Costner has already got membranes between his fingers and pisses in a bowl and drinks its contents. Perhaps someone will want to follow his example. Be that as it may, in India the audience of the picture is provided.

Urine and Mango Cocktail Recipe from Traditional Indian Cuisine.

1 cup yogurt without additives.
2 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar.
1/2 cup urine.
1/2 cup mango pulp.
Ice cubes.

Place all ingredients in a blender, mix well and serve immediately. In the absence of mango, you can use other fruits.

Based on the book Extreme Cuisine.
Jerry Hopkins.

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