Ecocapsule – comfortable autonomous housing

Dear readers, today we will talk about compact housing, compact and convenient, and most importantly, environmentally friendly and autonomous. Yes, Ecocapsule can not be called at least in size. By the way, there are a few differences. We even bring them.

Parameter Ecocapsule
Construction size The size is small – 4.45 h2.55 h2.25 m.
Mass of construction The mass is also small – 1.5 tons.
Mobility It is placed in a standard trailer on wheels.
Power supply The “capsule” has
Built-in wind turbine, which allows to generate electricity.
Water supply Integrated dew and rainwater collection system
additionally equipped with filters for cleaning. WITH
there will be no water problems (if your capsule is not in the desert).
Spaciousness There are sleeping places for two adults.
Ecology Does not pollute the environment.
Security The capsule can be transported anywhere along with the sleeper.
there is a master. What kind of security are we talking about?
In addition, there is no need for information, for example, where you can use windmill or solar panels.
Cost of While unknown.

Unfortunately, it will not happen. It is very rather big. But Ecocapsule very comfortable. As they say, wait and see.

Ecocapsule &# 8212; comfortable autonomous housing

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