EDC Buskrafter: What could be a pouch with all sorts of things?

Bushcrafter Transform the field. Wood, stone and bone can be turned in a wild environment. Idea bushcraft coexisting with nature, and not opposing it. If you come to prepare. It is much easier to carry them in the field.

In addition to the knifepouch with stuff“(in original – possibles pouch), inside of which – homemade blanks, which are much more convenient. Why is it called “pouch with stuff”? Because there is such a thing there that even the most notorious traditionalist among bushcrafters would prefer to have this bag with you.

What can be in a pouch with all sorts of things?

Option 1: Often used equipment

One traveler was the one in the literature. In the second hectare it was put. He couldn’t still need to go.

The same approach can be used to the pouch with stuff. A piece of equipment is often used in the field. It can be used to convenient. It can help you better than your pants and can sweat through.

Option 2: Tool Care Products

Present bushcrafter uses his tools. By using it, I’m like something more than photographing a fire. With a certain use, the cutting tool becomes blunt or not sharp enough. It is a subjective thing,

It makes it possible to remove rust, sharpening and protect it. It is used to remove the surface rust. For rust protection. The skin. Sharpened blades will help

Option 3: First Aid

It is possible to make sure that it is possible to use it. Also, since many tasks in bushkrfate It is a matter of fact.

Pouch with stuff perfect for patches, antibiotic ointment, gauze wipes, maybe some drugs. Since the occupation bushkraft It has been seen as a tool for example. For example, Dermabond, for example. If you are taking it out, you’ll need to do it. Do not take funds, do not be fooled.

Option 4: Something else?

The choice is in your hands. They are different from each other. You can choose one of the above, or fill it up at your discretion. If you’re a hunter, you can put a carton, for a marking the trail. You can put food and sanitary bags. If you are interested in paper bags for gathering, you can fold the paper bags for gathering.

It can be folded on canvas, canvas or nylon pouch on your belt. Everything happens all the time. What will you choose?

Kevin Estela, Dec 16, 2015

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