EDC Composition: Classification and Selection Principles

After the English-speaking Internet users, EDC – “every day carry, purely individual. This set is completed by the owner. If you’re a person

However, it’s a way of assessing the situation. It is a good idea to follow your needs. It can help you reduce your health. May change as EDC composition, its placement and arrangement.

Everyday Trivia Approach

Everyday life, even if it is an ascetic and technophobe. Whistle, a handful of sweets. An employee at a secure facility and a disposable respirator in his pocket. It takes a garden knife for a couple of pests. It is a set, kit, or something else, but it is typed almost unintentionally and is completed naturally.

With the increase in the number of “necessary” items EDC composition Whats going on, whats not to mention the festive, well-dressed clothes. Some things are used, while others are not. While others are threaten its integrity. Mentally deprived people.

Someone in general doesn’t understand his mobile phone concept, arguing for a mobile phone, well, a knife. Someone builds the equipment carefully, choosing “today” for the watchmaker.

From tasks to solutions

The person’s property performs certain functions, even if it’s a function. The following classification is based on the functional differences of the elements. EDC composition.

In the case of the time comes to you. It is a question of how much it is preparing for it.

When formulating tasks, it will be solved. EDC Composition assistant dispatcher at the international airport EDC It can be the same. Yours runs through the ghetto through the “yellow zone” The situation determines the equipment.

Organization of personal items

EDC Kit changes the configuration during the day. For example, where you’ve arrived at work. What happens next? It’s possible to make a three-hour agreement. It’s possible that you’ll be leaving it for you. Or another example, you go to work on the bus, with you your EDC backpack, leave it in your hands and your wallet with you. Go to the site before dinner time. Or you may not get to dinner, in fact, so think, or maybe take a backpack with a thermos for the trip?

What is the problem? It is a fact that it can be used for temporary storage. As a rule, the solution of small-timers, EDC organizers – can be in large bags, and maybe in the pockets. In this case, it will be possible to complete the bag. It will be inconvenient – for example, paper handkerchiefs. There is no need for more information.

Urgency of access. Should always be at hand. The meaning is clear.

Organization EDC composition it is not the same thing. It can be used as a vehicle for communications. It’s not a matter of course.

Of course, the number of pockets is not limited to:

  • It’s a lot of untidy look and create inconvenience;
  • Shirt pockets (or one) – fit for flat light objects, mainly office;
  • A pouch – a “holster” for a mobile phone, or a pouch-key holder. And two pouches are over eyes;
  • But it is more likely for notorious fans, or operatives.

The bag is always hungry for pouches. It is not necessary to place it at the internal organizers.

Duplication and reservation

In overseas “sworn friends” in the course of the saying “Two is one, one is one.” Applied to EDC recruitment this can mean that the items are stacked in duplicate – say, writing supplies, cutting tools, and hygiene items.

Specific positions for doubling, as usual, the user determines himself. When choosing this concept, it is important to choose duplicate functionality, but different, rather than the same, items. For example, a “gray man” is a light “public” tactical skladnik.

It makes it necessary to provide the same mark of the pens. If you have patience, write the same way. It is also possible to choose both personal hygiene products and allergic compatibility. The same with wet wipes and antiseptic.

Flight of fantasy and limitations

This is a loss of life. It is a point.

A significant limitation may be, for example, the use of sharp edges. Somewhere you can not vykiduh. Somewhere you can’t even nail scissors and stationery knives – for example, on an airplane. But if you limit the amount of hand luggage – 55 * 40 * 20 cm or 115 cm on the sum of three dimensions.

Independently imposed restriction on the “gray man”. It applies to clothing, equipment, accessories and specific tools.

Actually classification of EDC items

Two points should not be considered.
There is no need for any further information.
Critically important for all chooses for his ED compositionC is exactly what he needs. Do not take it at once.

clothing – how without it? Still, it’s perfected. Clothing can flow from category to category without difficulty. Where is the attribute of belonging. Here clothes now and now.

  • Dress code – items of clothing
  • Subculture paraphernalia attributes – wristbands, overalls, t-shirts, caps
  • Weather protection equipment – raincoats, windbreakers, sun hats, scarves from the wind, etc.
  • Functional clothes – vests with pockets, trousers with pockets, bandanas, belts
  • Gloves: warming, household, medical, rifle
  • Replacement underwear, t-shirts, socks

Personal items – subjective motivations. Helping to make a fire. However, there is no need for a cigarette lighter.

  • Wedding rings
  • Attributes of religious worship
  • Jewelry, piercing
  • Electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, slurries, lighters, matches, flasks with alcohol

Body support, It is a person who needs to be supplemented with their tools.

  • Corrective glasses, lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Hearing Aids
  • False jaws
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hygiene – breath fresheners (candies, lozenges, aerosol), handkerchiefs, wet wipes, antiseptics, toothpicks, hygienic lipstick, comb
  • Drinking, food, cutlery, food and water containers

Social interaction tools – the social role. When it came to life, it was a key house? If you’re having a travel card with 13 degrees of protection?

  • Documents: ID, driver’s license, military ID / officer ID, etc., weapons permit, knife certificate, medical policy, pension insurance card
  • Money, cards, checks, certificates
  • Access facilities – keys, travel tickets, subway tokens, key cards

Means of self-defense – It is not a good idea to get slaughtered, shot or strangled.

  • Firearms and traumatic weapons
  • Non-lethal effects – gas, gel and jet cartridges, COB, stun guns
  • Melee weapons – coin boxes, kubotans, yavara, tactical pens, etc.

Appliances and consumer electronics – the environment creates needs. Having bought a smartphone on the phone, do you think – “But there’s still a tablet ahead.

  • Clock
  • Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets
  • Radio stations, receivers, scanners
  • Players, headphones
  • GPS and GloNASS receivers
  • Cameras

Instruments – “For an hour.”

  • Knives, sharpeners
  • Multituls – Swiss knives, “folding pliers”, utility plates, bottle openers
  • For records – notebooks, pens, pencils, markers (markers), diary
  • Lighting – battery, dynamo-electric lanterns, HIS
  • Optics – binoculars, monoculars, night vision devices
  • Power Supply – Powerbank, Battery Charging Adapters
  • Consumables – cartridges, batteries, repshnur (paracord), plastic ties, clamps
  • Care products – wipes for optics
  • Complete accessories for electronics card readers
  • Equipment for minor repairs – hozpaket, etc.
  • Sanitation facilities – clothes brush, sponge for shoes
  • Access restriction – a lock on a bicycle

Equipment and covers – to somewhere all EDC composition fit, and yes even organize.

  • Bags – over the shoulder or on the belt
  • Backpacks – with two straps, with one strap
  • Pouches (on the belt, modular), organizers (inserts, wallets), holsters (under the phone)
  • Covers for phone
  • Purses, wallets, clips for notes
  • Key keepers
  • Keysiki / battery pouches
  • Holders – carbines, web dominators, bottle holders
  • Backup plastic bag

Travel AccessoriesTraveller’s eds.

  • Ensuring a comfortable dream: inflatable pillow, earplugs
  • USB flash drive
  • Emergency stock. What happens to someone else? And others even go to the toilet with a mine detector.
  • PPE – masks, respirators, gloves
  • Survival Kit, etc.
  • Cat throwing hook

EDC Composition: Classification and Selection Principles

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