EDC kit from Vinjabond

This EDC SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) bracelet from company Vinjabond it will be reached due to the hostility of people. You can become a participant in any country. If you’re kidnapped or illegally arrested. Included devices and items for:

  • Orentation
  • Lighting area
  • Self defense
  • Protection against theft of things

It has been established that it has been established. I love you. However, a complete set EDC bracelet for a couple of people wearing a bracelet.

Tactical EDC Bracelet Components

Main part

The strap, which is, in fact, the same bracelet. Made of very hardy material. On it, actually, also other subjects from a set fasten. Made by Maxpedition, originally designed for MOLLE or PALS equipment. Estimated cost: $ 8.

Tactical cord

This is a carabiner. Yes, that’s right, the clips are clutched on the bag or backpack while it’s resting. It will be significantly reduced. Cord cost – $ 12.

Knife kerambit

Made of steel S35VN, designed for self-defense. It is absolutely legal.


It doesn’t go to the bottom of the kit or its size. The compass is attached to the inside of the survival bracelet.

Handcuff key

It is also fastened with handcuffs. In the bracelet is secretly transferred. The price of such a key is $ 8.


Quite powerful for its size (40 lumens) flashlight with 4 LEDs. It is possible to appreciate it. Mounted on the back of the bracelet. The approximate price of a flashlight is $ 25.

V-shaped knife

Non-standard “hands” when hands are tied. Approximate price – $ 6.

Vinjabond offer other sets of EDC, but the basis is a paracord bracelet with a plastic buckle. It is a bottleneck of water in the wild.

Choose a kit according to your requirements.

Ready kits

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