EDC sapper. Required equipment and options for its use

So, the attached photo shows the equipment sapper equipment. This configuration has been requested.

This photo can be an aid for volunteers who may have to provide engineering units.

Photographs of the modern composition sapper equipment. The latter is, in spite of the fact that the equipment is undergone, has been set.

Sapper kit

  1. Cargo pouch with MOLLE mounting system.
  2. Old tablet for demolition men
  3. A new, additional tablet is used for the rifled cartridges. It can be used to accommodate the MUV series.
  4. Mandrel for cocking fuses MUV. It is clear that there is a lot of effort.
  5. Leatherman multitool or Ganzo – A set of bits. Due to its versatility, multitool worn in a pocket, not a bag.
  6. Electrotechnical side cutters with insulated handles for working with electric wires.
  7. “Crimp” for the manufacture of incendiary tubes. Only with crimping this procedure is absolutely safe. “Right Sector” used ordinary pliers to crimp. Such a method is possible, but dangerous.
  8. Knife for auxiliary work.
  9. The coil with a wire for min. Tension action of the POMZ and OMZ series.
  10. Insulating tape.
  11. Yardstick.
  12. The MUV is a chain of action for the MUV.
  13. Various fixing works.
  14. Coil nylon thread.
  15. Case under the “sapper” matches.
  16. Torch.

Cases with fuses MD-2, MD-5M and KD8 blasting caps are transferred in a separate pouch.

He was interested in the line-up of the front-line soldiers: what would this sapper set You can add. If you are a sapper, it should not be useful. He was also interested in two questions of the following plan:

What is missing here besides the following?

  1. Multimeter – to check the voltage in the mains;
  2. The KPM-1 Blasting Machine;
  3. The PM-4 blasting machine – for the explosion of electrically explosive charges and mines;
  4. Special keys for mines of the MV-57 and MV-62 series. It can be translated into a blasting mechanism. But to access the fuse ls. These keys are now short supply, and sappers are costing other tools;
  5. Cases for elektrozapalov EDP and EDP-p. Conventional canisters do not work, since a wire is connected to the fuse;
  6. Gas lighter;
  7. It is a very versatile assembly work;
  8. Probe. At least from non-magnetic metal, and even better – non-metallic;
  9. At least 30 meters long, you can move the mines off.

And what is the last question? sapper equipment is carried on the backpack? For example, it provides a quick access to the toolkit. At the same time, it can be passed directly to him. Maybe it’s not a worn backpack? To understand the situation.

Specialist answer

Specialist (instructor-sapper 79 OAMBr and DUK) about the equipment, as well as safe carrying sapper equipment suggested the following:

  • 50 mm long and 2-2.5 mm in cross section. The TM-62 class, the most common fuses of the MV-62 series;
  • As a dielectric probe, you can use the fishing rod (full-bodied). As a result, the probe + wooden handle. Must not be sticking at least 10 cm;
  • It is necessary to have 4-5 syringes with a volume of 5 cc. for neutralization of extensions with staples;
  • “Wound on a reel type” Neva “;
  • For various stretch marks and rings from the grenades;
  • The same amount of leverage;
  • Turbozazhigalka;
  • Multimeter with a dial. Be sure to know its characteristics. For example, up to 70 Ohm;
  • It is a small wooden board with a diameter of 15 cm and an OSHP. The board should always be dry. You can chop and shoe, but this is an extreme measure;
  • Wide tape to tie the sticks together;
  • Standard sapper’s bag throw away and carry away only in pouches;
  • Metal wire from signal smoke handles. For all the MSY and “cunning” stretch marks;
  • Nails 3 cm long;
  • Wood screws with a length of 3 cm;
  • Ordinary matches;
  • 2-3 percussion mechanisms (the upper part of the UZRGM without a detonator), painted in khaki color;
  • Cat and cat. Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat
  • Twine white or red. Dragging along for marking the cleared track;
  • Thermal shrinking for wire insulation;
  • Another spare pen for KPM-1 or something like a pen, but to work;
  • Small garden shovel;
  • Folding saw type Fiskars.
  • Fuses are worn safely. This is, in fact, only shock mechanisms. But detonators and explosives – put in a backpack, and separate from one another.
  • The metal element fuses MUV-2 and MUV-3 is very sensitive to temperature. If, at +20, he gets into a platoon within 2 minutes, then -20 he can stand for 50 minutes. MUV, despite its primitiveness, makes it possible to remove the safety pin.

On the photo is an improvised key for MVCH-62 from a stud.

Tool tablet

Another sapper shared his opinion. In the course of many trainings and exercises, while mining, he acutely lacked the minimum tool kit, which would always be at hand. At first he tried to use the tools along with the auxiliary tools and fasteners. Unfortunately, it was inconvenient to take out the necessary tools, moreover, they are unreliable fastened. It has been found that it has been used for a couple of jacks.

Therefore, it is shown. sapper equipment, which should be always at hand.

The height of 19 cm, sewn from Cordura. In the folded position, the tablet is fixed with a velcro / button lock. In the unfolded position, the tablet is 28.5 cm. The tablet has a front pocket – just in case. For each tool there is a pocket. Additional fixation with rubber straps. Slings have sewn tails for easy pulling. There are also two plastic half rings.

Tablet bundle

Included is the “minimum minimum” sapper tools, as well as improvised explosive devices.

From left to right:

  1. Electrotechnical pliers side cutters – for working with electric wires;
  2. Multitool “Ganzo”, relatively affordable and versatile – for a wide variety of works. There are very “sapper” multitools on sale, but their price is very high;
  3. Collapsible Probe, with a Dismantled British PMEK Kit. Perhaps not the best solution, but compactness is very attractive;
  4. Soviet engineer crimp. This is a detonator cap, which has been widely used in the field of radio transmission equipment. Punch for crimping is dangerous;
  5. Set bits for the multitool.

The weight of the tablet with the tools is about one kilogram. Via MOLLE systems The tablet can be mounted on equipment with a similar interface. It is a hip pocket.

Ready kits

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