Edible insects. Part 2. Locusts, dragonflies, flies, beetles and scorpions

Hungry mouths. It is also a very high population growth rate. But there is still a lot of time to live. It is a little bit of an unexpected way to life. The solution is edible insects.

Well, judge you yourself. The fatty acids are mostly unsaturated. They don’t need much space. Such farms are already functioning in some eastern countries, where it is the norm of life. In our country, this is rather a specialty and emergency food for lost tourists. But global trends are such as the proportion of edible insects. We have already written about some edible arthropods and arachnids. And now this list will be continued and updated.

Crickets, grasshoppers and locusts

With grasshoppers and crickets, the situation is similar. The difference is only in size. Usually, they are caught in the mornings, when the insects have not yet been warmed up and have not been fully awakened. You can use any makeshift net. It is usually prepared by frying in deep fat or skewers.


Water beetles

The inhabitants of Thailand will surely be able to reach 15 cm in length. But in general, there is no difference. Strung on a skewer, tumble in batter, fry well – and you can eat. You can catch a banal net.


Honestly, it is better to bypass the scorpion at the meeting of the tenth road. However, the tail spider has no luck, if you really want to eat. Thais, for example, are actively eating scorpions.

And in China, they even make a special ordering diluted with scorpions poison. But, as a rule, it’s not clear that there has been any risk of poisonous poisoning. So hungry a minute.


Flies are not only a few grams of nutritive protein. Especially the larvae of flies, which are also called maggots. They themselves are completely edible. The main thing is to use only a young larvae who hatched recently. Seriously, the maggots perfectly carved into digestible protein. If they are thoroughly washed and thoroughly roasted, they will turn out to be quite tasty. Moreover, some extreme people eat them raw. If there is a problem, it’s not a problem with raising fire.

There are even more interesting patterns and they are distinguished by rather large sizes. If you find and fry – quite nutritious. You can also mention one very funny delicacy, popular in Sardinia – Kazu Marzu. For some time. This is a substance that has been considered aphrodisiac. Actually, cheese is eaten with a live larvae, which then for some time. They say – an unforgettable feeling.

The flies themselves are rarely eaten – it is difficult to catch.

As you can see, there is a huge amount of edible insects. There is some tension with food – they understand this very well. It is a warrior who lives in the rain. And the unfortunate American soldiers were very dependent on food supplies. Human chances of survival.

Edible insects. Part 2: Locusts, dragonflies, flies, beetles and scorpions

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