Edible insects: rules of the food

It is not particularly developed. If you are a little bit mushrooming, you’ll find out what edible mushroom, or go fishing? For example, cereal for breakfast. However, it can be a salvation. It’s better to learn how to use it. So what are these insects? ..

Edible insects – the basic rules of eating


These pretty useful insects know everything. But they are no longer meet meet. But there in general with insects some strained. So here. Ants are a great source of protein. Of course, black ant in terms of nutritional value is, of course, you can’t be happy with such food. Food rules for food asts. Larvae and eggs can be eaten raw. Some of the parasitic worms. Therefore, each adult can be a carrier.

As for the larvae and eggs, they are free from this infection and quite edible, even raw. But they are in the broth. This also applies to the ants themselves. But it also has to neutralize formic acid. Each species contains one. It is not the most significant number of insects? Believe me, earn gastritis – the last thing you need.

Collecting ants is easy. Chimpanzees could be was was using a long twig. You just take a long branch and
The following is our example. Then he pulls out – everything, how many insects you caught there. If you want to find out where to go, you will be able to find out where to go. You can still break it and watch it out. This is a way to work.


Formally, it is absolutely wrong. Ringed worms are a more primitive stage of evolution. It is the same thing as the bark of a bark beetle. So let’s not hit the formalism.
Finding earthworms is very simple. If you’re lucky, you can even find a rather large copy. And what is the weather?

But what, in fact, to do with it? It is a problem to find a way to get rid of. You have several ways. It will come out by itself. The second is to put them in flour. So you’ll be safely stuffed with “test”. Some who are very aptly compared with a “sausage in dough”, only the other way around. Well, the third way – put them in salt water. When the worms become transparent? You can, in the end, just manually squeeze the worm. Of course, the treatment of heat will be eliminated. After the preparation is complete, your worm is 80 percent protein. Bake it whole, make it fry in deep fat, cook it all. In the extreme case – it can be eaten raw.


This category includes the intermediate forms of various beetles, wasps, bees and other insects. Actually identical to the tracks. Here are just the last creeps around the world, because most often – absolutely inedible or poisonous. And they are forced to hide their bodies. And rightly so, that they hide. As far as they look unpleasant, they are just as useful as food. The purest protein in an easily digestible form! The same applies to the larvae of bees and wasps.

It is a bit more difficult to get it. This is the main problem. A rotting tree, an old stump, and a bee’s nest.

It is a whitish, seemingly eyeless and nonstop thing. It may be recalled, for example, that it was a boiled larvae of wasps. Or that Australian aborigines lively for themselves. If you are great. Take the prey and fry it. It is possible in oil, it is possible in flour, it is possible just like that. Special extremals can even eat it raw.


Tarantula – a unique creature. You can save you from starvation. The tarantula is a common dish in Cambodia. Well, as usual … During the reigning of the Khmer Rouge And then they got used to it. It will be perceived as a prey. It’s not a problem.

As you can see, insects are a great source of food. The value is huge. Only one drawback – well, not accustomed to our man is this creeping and flying muck. Just not used to. So much so that even indigestion from nerves can earn. But you can cope. Situations that require extreme solutions. Eating worms and larvae is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

Edible insects &# 8212; basic rules for eating insects

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