Edible mushrooms: raincoat

According to the international culinary classification, mushrooms are divided into 4 categories. The first is the best – they can be eaten raw. The fourth, respectively, has been pre-processed, so it has been preserved and so boiled for a long time. In peacetime, they don’t even look at this category. But it can’t be forgotten.
pear-shaped raincoat.

Pear-shaped raincoat

… or Lycoperdon pyriforme is a genus of mushrooms from the champignon family. The fruit body is round, bright, with a small but well-defined false leg. Top covered with small spikes or scales. When it comes to the fruit The flesh is whitish, with a characteristic mushroom odor. With age, it gets dark and gives way to a large number of disputes. Widespread, intensive growth is observed immediately after heavy rainfall. Most often grows wood. It occurs from the beginning of July.

It is not a problem for any long time. In addition, a rainbow can not be confused with the raincoats, but it is simply not clear on the ground. It is a funk. It is an indicator of the fungus. It also should not be used for all types of mushrooms.

Caution – inedible double slicker

The method of making raincoats

The raincoats are pearly shaped; Then clean the surface coating. If you’re not happy, you’ll be able to pick it up. You can, for example, make them soup. This is done as follows:

It is not bad. Now, when you get familiar with your balls

Edible mushrooms: raincoat

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