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Mushrooms are an extremely useful, albeit rather heavy product. If you’re trying to find out how to use it, it’s fun. And in vain, it has been a good source of income. As someone could already guess, it will be about truffles

Without going into taxonomic details, truffle – A special kind of exclusively underground fungi. It is the fruit of the tuberous tubers, which is the body of the asymmetric tuberous tubers. Which, of course, seriously complicates the search process. However, humanity has been actively engaged for over a thousand years.

It is a difficult thing to do. If it’s valuable, it should not be with me. ”Therefore, among the European aristocracy, dishes from truffles It is very important that you can easily compare the prices of small mushrooms. Since this trend truffles it turns out badly. These are mainly traded in China. Yeah. “Fake Chinese truffle“.

That is why professional “hunters for trufflesIt is a fact that it’s not a matter of course. from scratch, based on the information that is widely available. So.

There are two types truffles, having value for us – black (Russian) and white (Polish). The area is closer to the Caucasus and the Black Sea coast. It can be found even in the Leningrad region. It is a white background with a pair of small tubercles.

Everything truffles Do you want to keep it safe for any kind of forestry, birch trees, poplars, beeches and lindens? Moreover, it was found. Most of all, it is the “oak” options that are valued.

Collection truffles It usually starts from the bottom of the body. But in Europe you can’t go for truffles – you must first purchase a license. I don’t want to think about it. Fortunately, there is no such garbage and no bothers, anywhere. The main thing is to know how to do it and where.

How can you grow underground? Animals and animals. And very many animals – hares, deer, roes, wild boars. Actually, the domestic version of the latter is an ordinary pig, and is used most often. In pigs, as it turned out, fucking scent on truffles One minus – finding a mushroom, regardless of quality of training. Therefore, it is not a good idea.

But, of course, not every dog ​​will cope with this task. This is what they need to be. You can get dividends. Or not to receive – here as lucky.

Also smell truffles There is a hatching of larvae. This is possible only if the fungus is close to the surface or even protrudes outside. But, frankly, mosquito curling, whether it be flies, or not. It is very difficult to see a couple of spinning flies.

Found truffles It should not be wrinkled. It is even possible to wash it since its hard skin. It is possible to find mushrooms here. It’s better not to eat them yourself. Seriously, why can’t you appreciate it?

It’s a bit like a forest of mushrooms. This is a rather expensive thing. And where do connoisseurs of elite gastronomy live in? That’s where the expensive restaurants are crowded. Actually, the leadership rarely refuses such a deal. However, they are not worth the money.

In fact, the collection truffles quietly hunt. It can be more than a little bit different. Why is the “Trifolau” professional? Banger on the head and lose the harvest And this is not uncommon …

Edible Mushrooms: Truffles &# 8212; where to look for them

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