Effective self-defense: How do you yourself be crippled?

The best fight this main self defense principle saved situation Agree, it’s better than with health. Nevertheless, there is a situation where the enemy doesn’t care for money, for example – to cripple you. Alas, this also happens here, and many self defense rules change dramatically. In this situation:

  • Always be polite and friendly. Exactly until the moment you need to beat. If she comes to investigate.
  • Try not to stand out from the crowd. Hair colors potential aggressor It is a funeral effect. pace.
  • Always carry a little knives in different places. You never know what can happen. It can be easily obtained. It is highly desirable to use the knife.
  • The peace of mind is clearly not inadequate. If you can always be settled – always keep a distance, at least – an outstretched hand. Otherwise, the enemy of the enemy.
  • Always consider your enemy armed. Better to overlook than to underestimate.
  • Keep calm. Anger only Scandinavian berserks helped, and that is not a fact. And it will prevent you from assessing it in a timely manner.
  • Always watch out for your peace of mind. It is an increase in the distance – or increase the distance, or attack. To point and move on.
  • Never loosen a punch – it’s not sparring, it’s not battle for your life. It isn’t been afraid to see it. But in any case, you can’t get out of prison anymore.
  • Do not move your acts while he moves. The situation is easier than ever. In this case, it’s not a problem. Hedgehog
  • After the battle – leave the territory immediately, if possible, mixing with the crowd. Remember, the enemy may comrades who.
  • If you had to use a knife to get rid of it. It doesn’t matter what it is confiscated anyway.

I want to resent: “What are we rubbing here!” Such self defense – the fastest way to jail to thunder! “It’s still much easier to choose.”

Again, I’m remind you of the situation. In the usual robbery and conflict, the behavior, respectively, will be different.

Self defense

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