Eight “unbanal” tips for beginners

Teach newbies shoot always a pleasure. Future arrows high speed and much greater variety shooting tricks, what they themselves think.

Most instructors courses, controlling descent, and breathing. These are all cornerstones. correct shooting, It is undoubtedly, in my opinion. Here they are:

1. Let the weapon go where it wants to be.

For superior accuracy shooter Should not fight with his rifle. Most natural accurate shot – it is not necessary hover gun on the target. The concept of a “natural aiming point”, which I usually teach right after the safety rules. Hed arrow It depends on the target. This is not a separate object to complete. rifle.

It is surprisingly easy to do this (for it’s a natural position). Close your eyes and keep them closed. Relax, as if going to sleep. Take two or more breaths. Open your eyes. The interposition of your eyes and sights is likely to have changed. For all the body rifle.

2. Accompanying descent

Newbie arrows may perceive a weapon deafening and inconvenient, and even more so for escort descent. It’s a great one. Even escort descent and it is the most common advice from this list, I see, in most cases it is misunderstood.

Start with the fact that escort descent he has to wait for a few days firing. Describe what escort descent, It can be more difficult: Perfect escort descent completely coincides with the position in which shooter It was held at the time of the shot. Most importantly, you must be ready to the next shot, rather than letting it go.

3. Closer to the ground

In my opinion, basics of shooting best cultivated in the prone position. Do not be afraid start shooting lying down and continue in other racks. The position of the maximum accuracy in addition to firing emphasis in the case of problems with the rack. This is also the easiest position to learn.

4. Use a belt

There is a significant effect on your abilities. firing. They will not only increase accuracy and accuracy, but will open up firing, practical and interesting. Just make sure you have a shooting belt.

5. Change

If a firing position accept another. In particular, if you have to stand with it. This problem occurs most often when new shooter Your opinion.

6. Hit reactive targets at greater distances

Steel, inflatable balls, fruits, bottles, soda cans and others reactive targets will present novice arrow instant returns in exchange for effort. However, it has not contributed to superior accuracy. To improve this situation, try to achieve a better distance if possible. It is more than a small group of 25 meters. And also, when learning new arrow with reactive targets focus on blunders.

7. Shoot with both eyes open

For weapons with mechanical sights and optical sights Red dot or optical with both open-eyes), shooting it makes it easier to relax. shooter. If possible, find out which eye you are leading, and shoot with both open.

8. Don’t worry and enjoy yourself

Relaxation is a key to good shooting. When do you first start shoot, If you are coming back, you will come back. You will not only get more shooting pleasure (and this will be the case) good shot.

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