Electric shock

Did you lick a battery in childhood? The tongue tingles, and in the mouth sour. Sashka says what “electricity” tastes like.

It is not always harmless. After all, it is not clear. Need to try. And then not so much pain as scary. It remains a peace of mind.

We are all now well-read, educated and literate. But sometimes it happens. Tell it, support, save.

Because you know!

It can be obtained at a distance of 5m during during during during during – – . It will all be an electric shock. The strength of the lesion will depend on the body, the power of the body and the path through the body, the power of the body.

First aid for electric shock

  1. If you are not sticking, it will take 10 meters is better.
  2. Lay his man on his back, unfasten his clothes.
  3. Peace of mind, which you have already caused.
  4. An unconscious man – without breathing, without a pulse. Then you can carry out the chambers of the sternum.
  5. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This is done as follows:
    It is a woman who has thrown back to his / her throat (approx. LastDay.Club). The rescuer inhales deeply and exhales. This is a person who is lying down. In the babies, the volume of the lungs is smaller, respectively, the exhalation is done with an incomplete breast.
    In the case of the sun Press down until the sternum descends by 3-4 cm. For small children, we massage with 2 and 3 fingers.
    For 8 breaths 100 presses during the resuscitation process, for 1 person, for 1 breath, for 1 breath per day.
    By the appearance pulse on the carotid artery and narrowing pupils to the light.

And now I will explain why we all did it.

On the effects of electric shock

Resistance to burns. Burns come in 4 degrees of severity:

  • I degree – swelling, redness, burning. It takes 3-5 days
  • Grade II – redness and swelling, bubbles are formed (it is impossible to open!)
  • Grade III – skin necrosis occurs – necrosis. Heals by scarring
  • IV degree – the worst – necrosis of the skin, tendons, muscles, bones. The threat to human life.

With burns, a person may experience a painful shock, impaired performance and cardiac arrest.

It is a disturbed – even to a halt.

The launch of the heart is promoted by indirect massage.

Or artificial respiration (ALV), works in the following way: when it comes to the respiratory system; The nerve impulses the normal activity.

A little bit about the treatment of burns

Lightly treated burns, prescribed anesthetic, sedative.

The victim of moderate and severe antibiotic therapy is carried out, immobilization of injured limbs is possible. There are already used fluids of a large amount of fluids and electrolytes. To normalize heart rate, defibrillation can be performed.

In principle, everything is simple – compliance with safety regulations. There are no rules for the conduct of sovereigns.

And bless you!

The medicine

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