Electronic devices that can save lives

In our everyday life, situations can happen when only the presence of a certain thing, even the most insignificant, will play a decisive role when fate casts a draw between life and death. And no matter, it is with you in your pocket or backpack when you are in the city or walking in nature, or in the closet or near the pillow when you are at home. An emergency situation can catch you at any time – and in native walls, and far from them.

Speech, by the way, goes not only about the weapon. That even pleases me a bit, since it’s not just as easy to take and buy the same firearm as we would like, and it is even more difficult to use it successfully and effectively without training, and without painstaking training. Well at least there are other options, the most common objects that can really save a person’s life, which at first glance is not at all obvious, and the second too. Therefore, today we will recommend paying special attention to the following electronic devices.

1. Flashlight

Situations when you may need a flashlight – are endless. Needless to say, it will be especially useful in the woods or mountains, but will you believe when I say that a flashlight is needed when, after dark, you urgently need to leave in need? My brother once didn’t come up a little off a cliff during a hike – he would have definitely fallen off without a flashlight.

2. Radio receiver

The opportunity to find out what a mess is happening in the world when the mainstream media ceases to exist is priceless. Even a simple radio will cope with this task. Only about batteries it is better to have with them in excess – they are forever a little.

3. Security alarm

If there is no possibility or desire to fully defend themselves in a house, then you can at least entrust it to people who have the right to use firearms. The main thing – to choose a security company so that they, in which case, could quickly get to you.

4. Magnetic alarm

Magnetic alarm is a good option for those who can not afford or simply do not need a full security alarm. You simply install the device on your door, and when in your absence someone tries to get to you, she will react with loud sounds. Neighbors surely hear. And, what is especially pleasant, only you can disable it from the outside.

5. Smoke detector

Extremely useful device, especially in the house where older people live and smokers who love to drink. In either case, the sensor can prevent large-scale fires and save lives, at least by warning those same neighbors about the problem, so that they would guess to call for help.

6. Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is not exactly an electronic device, but there is a bunch of all kinds of electronics and objects that cannot be extinguished with water. So the idea of ​​having a portable, but reliable fire extinguisher at home is not such a reinsurance. In any case, it is better to wait for yourself calmly put the service life, than a dangerous situation arises, but it will not be at hand.

7. Timer for sockets

The timer for the outlet is an indispensable solution for paranoids who constantly fear that they have forgotten to turn something off. The same iron, for example. Just supply all the sockets in the house with this timer and do not worry. That’s just with the socket for the plate can be difficult – yet the power cable is much more powerful than what these timers usually focus on.

8. Plugs for sockets

If you have small children or curious pets, then you can not do without plugs for sockets. You can explain a hundred times about the danger of electricity, but the child still decides to check. And the cat will not understand anything. So it is better to be safe.

9. Fixed telephone

Let’s just say, smartphones are good, convenient and stylish. And stationary phones are needed just in those situations where there will be problems with mobile communication. You know that there are communication jammers? Here’s a landline phone to this do not care. If that – it can work even without being connected to electricity. Tell you how such a phone can save lives in case of fire, flood, terrorist attack and other disasters?

10. GPS beacon

GPS beacon is a very useful electronic device if you want to know where your child is, husband / wife, dog. Such a “device” is particularly good for troubled regions, or in the case of long hikes in the forests, in the mountains and on the water. But on the other hand, this is a rather ambiguous thing, as the gallant servants of Themis may consider it a means of illegal espionage and put you in a few years to think about your behavior. Such situations also happened, so consult before buying such a GPS-beacon with someone who fumbles in local laws.

11. CCTV system

At best, potential robbers will not shine their faces into the object and will go to look for less prepared prey. In the worst case, you will also lose the camera, but you will receive as a souvenir photos of those who will soon be wanted. They will not find, most likely, but I want to hope for the best.

12. Stun gun

Let’s just say, the stun gun is a good alternative to firearms, so it can save lives, but it is considered a special tool and is regularly prohibited. Another thing is that you can call him, say, a “dog scarer,” but what if the administration shines for you in the worst case. So an electronic device is clearly useful for self-defense, especially for those who may have problems with obtaining a permit for firearms.

Everyday electronic devices that can save lives

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