Electronic winter fishing rod for fishing “Luck” – model review

The electronic winter rod “Good luck” is the dream of every fisherman. To date, there are a large number of varieties of this device, but we will consider the latest model.

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  • 2Manage fishing rod
  • 3 Specifications of fishing rod modes
  • 4 Power device

Main settings

The main objective of such fishing rods is to expand the possibilities and facilitate the process of winter fishing. Speaking about the design of the device, it is worth noting that the body of the fishing rod is made by milling, which provides a convenient fit for any reel without any additional adjustments. The department in which the coil is located provides for a special opening through which the fishing line is drawn.

It is worth stopping attention and on the facilitated material from which the case is made. Due to this, the device for fishing does not sink in water and is not afraid of moisture and hypothermia at all. If the case frostbite occurs, then it must be heated and dried, after which it can be re-operated without fearing for integrity and reliability. The electronic fishing pole for winter fishing weighs only 50 g, which allows you to hold it in your hand for a long time without any effort.

For convenience of transportation, a removable six is ​​provided, which can be easily replaced with another with any fishing rod. In order to fit the required diameter, the end must be wrapped with tape until the device is securely fixed. For greater convenience, “Luck” is equipped with a folding leg, which folds down for comfortable transportation.

Fishing rod control

Electronic fishing rod luckThe winter electronic rod of the new generation has the following characteristics:

  1. Power more than 3 times (compared with previous models). This characteristic indicates the possibility of a significant increase in the amplitude of oscillations.
  2. A special tripod is provided in the configuration of the device, which allows both vertical and horizontal wiring at the same time.
  3. The set provides an improved six, which is made of a more durable and lighter material than the previous models of fishing rods.

On the case of the device there are 3 buttons: the first – on the one side of the case, and the others – on the opposite. An important aspect is the moment of energy saving. In the case there is a special circuit that automatically turns off the power exactly 2 hours after the last pressing of a button. To activate after blocking, it is necessary to start the electric photolight again. To do this, simultaneously press the “+” and “-“ buttons. The lock is also activated in the same way. This is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of activating the device at random, for example, during transportation.

A short press on any of the “+” and “-” buttons will turn on the device. If the button is held down a little longer, the menu for selecting one of the 3 modes is activated. To switch between modes, you must make long key presses. The scheme provides the function of memorizing the last operated mode.

Specificity of fishing rod modes

Fishing ModesIn the first mode of constant oscillations, when it is activated, the “+” and “-” buttons can adjust the oscillation frequency in the range from one movement in 4 seconds to 10 jumps in 1 second. The provided bite indicator is not designed for this mode, and the amplitude of the device oscillations is set solely on visual perception. Focus your attention on the characteristics of the pin, fishing line and mormyshka.

In this mode, the catch can be done in two ways: holding the fishing rod in your hand and setting it on the ice using a stand. Fluctuations can be carried out both by the mechanism and manually. In order to convert the vibrations into manual ones, you only need to press a six with your fingers, and then carry out movements with your hand. Such an interesting approach can positively affect the results of fishing. This is the mode preferred by many fishermen.

The regime of constant rest – this is the name of the following variation of the use of fishing rods. In this case, the vibration is completely absent. The device is most often put on a tripod on the edge of the hole, after which a special light and sound signal is activated, with which it reacts to the process of biting. When using the buttons, you can select the sensitivity mode of the indicator of the pokleva, which, if necessary, will turn off completely. There is still a function that completely disables the signal when performing the sweep, which is extremely convenient and allows you not to be distracted by unnecessary actions.

In this mode, the catch can be done both by hand and by installing a fishing rod on a tripod on the edge of the hole. A weight of 50 g will provide very good stability in wind gusts. It is worth remembering that the indicator should be set depending on weather conditions.

The mode of variable oscillation is the third in the general list. The bottom line is that, in addition to the frequency of movement, you can set the time that will alternate oscillations with the rest state of the device. Setting the time interval is all the same buttons. During the movement, the time of the oscillation duration is set, and during the rest – the period during which the fishing rod will be inactive. At rest, the light and sound signal, which was discussed earlier, is activated.

The specifics of this mode involves catching exclusively from the surface of the ice.
The need is to catch cautious fish. By adjusting the parameters of the mode, you can achieve good results in this type of fishing.

Device power

The latest model of fishing rods is different in that the issue of powering the device is very well disassembled and analyzed. This model can work in extreme cold, up to a temperature of – 40 ° C. You can use the device up to 1000 hours. At the same time throughout the entire time period does not require the replacement of batteries or recharging.

The key feature is that the possibility of replacing batteries. You can do it yourself, but it is better to resort to the help of professionals in specialized stores. It is necessary in order not to lose the possibility of repair under warranty. Yes, and experts will perform the work more quickly, efficiently and reliably. If you can not get into a specialized store, you can contact the repair department for hours.

If you have to do everything yourself, you should know that to replace, you need to unscrew 4 screws at the bottom of the fishing rod, and 6 at the top, then remove 2 old batteries and put new ones in their place. It is important to use the exact same batteries that were previously installed. In no case should the polarities be disturbed, as this may damage the device.

Summing up, we can say that the winter electronic rod is an excellent useful device that greatly simplifies and improves fishing. With such a device, the process of catching fish becomes not only easier and more enjoyable, but also effective – a large catch will not keep you waiting long.

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