Elite special forces: GIGN

It has been established that the territory of Europe has been distributed. Already, the number of aggressive clashes and terrorist attacks has increased. Fortunately, since the early 1970s, a special special forces, aimed exclusively at combating terrorism. It’s called GIGN and it is our article.


Seventies of the last century. It has been shown to be a significant increase in the number of the terrorist situation. At the Munich Olympics in 1972, when 11 of the Israeli Olympic team were killed. It was a team response at the national gendarmerie – Groupment d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie GIGN.

The situation has become a little better GIGN However, the effectiveness was clearly insufficient. Therefore, it was decided to create a single control center for all elite. special forces, which was established in 1984. Under his control fell GIGN, It is a fact that GIGN began to perform partly police tasks in France.


In 2007 GIGN was reformed because it was a different different organizational approach. Currently in the composition special forces There are about 380 people who are divided into 5 divisions.

  • Forces of intervention. 100 people. Battle core GIGN. Tasks – direct conduct of combat and assault operations.
  • Security forces and protection. 80 people. Tasks – ensuring the safety of VIPs.
  • Forces surveillance and intelligence. 30 people. Tasks – data collection, intelligence and analysis of the information received.
  • Forces special activities. 25 people. Tasks – providing operational support to existing agents. It is divided into 8 highly specialized units. Cynological, covert penetration, hacking, fire support (snipers and heavy weapons), special resources and technical adaptation.
  • Formation forces. 35 people. Tasks – preparation and training of recruits.
  • Administrative group. Tasks – ensuring the functioning of all departments, staffing, logistics and internal interaction.


AT GIGN, as in any other elite special forces, extremely stringent selection criteria. The candidate must be no older than 30 years old. And, of course, French citizenship. After submitting a special training course.

Stage one – exams. This is a person who is checked. 100 push-ups, 25 pull-ups, rope, swimming 100 meters, swimming 50 meters under water, jumping into the water. Then – 7km cross in full gear. Further worse. Checking mountaineering training, with tear gas being used against candidates. The test “escape from the territory of the enemy”, when the dogs were sent out … Next two-minute sparring. Anything? No, not all. It is moving at a distance of 200 meters. It is moving at a distance of 200 meters. And then also an interview with commanders and psychologists. All this happiness lasts for 6 days, 90 percent of candidates are eliminated. There were cases when everyone rejected.

These “lucky ones” are the last stage of study. Arts and other important skills. Special rifle training, due to which operatives GIGN find themselves in the ranks of the best world-class shooters. Test shooting in any extreme conditions, even from a moving helicopter or armored vehicles. “A shot of trust”, when it’s up to 15 meters. It helps to get used to it. Special training – working with anti-terrorism training, training to negotiate.

After completing this stage of training, the candidate becomes an operative. But they have to learn further. and also get specialization. Mountain training (based on the French Alps), advanced diving (school in Antibo), special parachute training and much more.

All this led to GIGN for all the time of active action were 2 people. It is a kind of …

Known operations

1976 Djibouti Terrorists seized a school bus with children. Well, like terrorists … Now they are called “Somali pirates.” Heck it up. In fact, the first loud operation GIGN. Successful combination of assault and sniper support.

1984 New Caledonia – “overseas territory of France.” It’s not like the “civil war”. And in 1988, they received their immediate recognition of independence. There was no negotiation GIGN destroyed 19 terrorists, none of the hostages was injured.

1994 year. Hijacking an Airbus A300 in Algeria. It is a clear concept of the movement of the Eiffel Tower. Landed to refuel in Marseilles. There was a storm, everybody killed the terrorists. There are no casualties, although he received 7, he received 7 bullet wounds. But on his account 2 fraga of four. Instructor in shooting.

2015 The release of hostages in a kosher shop in Paris. Hey, Hey, Hey! A bunch of people in a kosher shop. It is logical. Who goes to such shops? The Jews. And they are a priori Islamist enemies. Intervened GIGN, But the terrorist was killed.

As you can see, the French also can do something. And I really want to … GIGN plan to once again increase the staff. Well, that’s right – tolerance is tolerance, And in this special forces obviously not fools work.

Elite special forces: GIGN

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