Elite troops – special forces. Training scout saboteur

Of all the soldiers of the world, the special forces are most interested in the public. Where do you look at the construction of the battalion? It was incredibly talented, but it wasn’t publicly accepted. I’ve already been given a parade trooper. By the way, there was such a series, “When I watched it, I was lost, it was ridiculous. Anyway. Often you’ve seen a movie about rocket men? Or about any headquarters with inflated generals? Or could youn’t emerge? Competition forces, border guards, and sailors. Everything. SWAT taxis.

In real life, special forces are called upon to solve tasks that are inaccessible to other soldiers. The preparation is therefore appropriate.

The following are the admission standards for special forces:

Running for 12 minutes

(estimated distance traveled by fighter)

  • more than 2.8 km – excellent
  • 2.8 – 2.4 km – good
  • 2.4— 2.0 km – mediocre
  • less than 2.0 km – bad

Power endurance test

After the break, ten times each. u push u passing passing support passing passing support pushing push push.

  • 7 such episodes are excellent
  • 5-6 episodes – good
  • 3-4 episodes – mediocre
  • 1-2 series – bad.

In addition to these tests, the “entrant” performs all without exception. standards of the military-sports complex.

It is a person who wants to be a person of the level of intelligence, like the Eysenck questionnaire). For a couple of days, it’s for 2-3 days.

Psychophysical training in special forces

The most important psychological quality of a saboteur is a reconnaissance. At the same time, many of the military districts from this.

It was established experimentally at least 10–15 points, a “passive-aggressive” type,

It’s important that it’s with the enemy and the enemy. There are no plans for a group of people. Scouts should be smarter and more cunning than other soldiers.

Inexperienced training, for example, risk factors, risk learning, intelligence. Thus, a fighter learns to control his own instinct of self-preservation. It was more than just sports training.

Psychophysical exercises training saboteur reconnaissance:

  • exercises on the “scout trail”;
  • “Risk zone”, the area of ​​fire fighting;
  • exercises from the course of mountain training;
  • exercises from an airborne training course;
  • The pathway is taken through;
  • overhead wire current;
  • “Running in tanks”;
  • throwing grenades;
  • rope crossing across a river;
  • swimming in uniforms and with weapons;
  • diving to the depths and liberation of weapons there;
  • hand-to-hand combat with two or three rivals;
  • exercises from the course of the war
  • observation of the autopsy in the morgue;
  • adaptation to the sight of blood, cuts, scratches, overcoming disgust (kill the hare, cut off the head, drink blood).

Overcoming fear, a lot of situations, such as self-confidence, self-confidence, and moreover,

On overcoming disgust we dwell. Psychologically ready to kill are needed. When there is no such readiness, it can’t be counted. It will not be a stray dog. may come up. Moreover, this practice is where it can be used.

General physical training

In addition to psychophysical exercises, they will be more thorough than other soldiers. It has been shown to keep track of movement.

Exercises from the OFP course:

For endurance training

  • Running 3 km. (standard – 12 minutes)
  • Cross 5 km (“excellent” 24 min., “Good” 25, “satisfactory” 26 min.)
  • Periodically held marches for 10-15 km.

To train strength endurance

  • Comprehensive strength exercise. 30 seconds
  • (“Excellent” 48 times, “Good” 44, “Satisfactory” 40.)
  • Tightening on the crossbar (standard 20 times)
  • Push-ups on the bars (standard 30 times)
  • Push-ups from the floor (standard 60 times)
  • Lifting coup on the bar (standard 12 times)

For training speed-strength qualities

  • Running 100 meters (13 sec.)
  • Jumping through the “horse” and through the “goat”

Special exercises

  • Overcoming the obstacle course.

About the obstacle course in more detail. It is a hair mask. Distance – 400 m. This is a case in which the vehicle has a gas tank. it is a race for a little girl, a race for a little girl, take a 40kg box and then take it over. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump

And the evaluation criteria are:

  • “Excellent” -3 min 25 sec,
  • “Good” – 3 min 30 sec,
  • “Satisfactory” – 3 min 45 sec.

The obstacle course is also running for 1 and 3 km.

Scout trail “and training hall

Scout trail

It was a scout trail, it was a scout trail, it was a scout trail; it was a scout trail; it was a scout trail;

The fighter is a scouting trail of the fighter of the trenches, indoors, and hand-to-hand combat skills.

The path to the scout is over. On time and without time. Emphasis can be placed on a single person. Imitate a real battle. (psychophysical training). Emphasis in the canon made of throwing knives, grenades, removing the sentry, mining.

It can be a fight against a scarecrow, or a sapper shovel.

On the “scout trail”, saboteurs scouts learn to act quickly and smoothly.

Training room

In addition to the “scout trail”, it is a special place for practicing.

Strength training spetsnaz usually three days a week or every other day.

Three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three hubbing, push-ups, pull-ups are no fighters.

Weights are small – a large number of times. At the same time, it’s not for the trainer’s “spirits”. In strength training, proper recovery is very important. In addition, the special combat missions could not be with them. If it can be planned, then it’s workload reduction.

In addition, during the day, fighters perform exercises such as pulling up on the bar and push ups from the floor. It is not the limit.

It should be noted that hand-to-hand fighting gives a solid load.

As you can see, these fighters are not bored. There is no time …

Alex Neronov

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