Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

A hunting trip is often like a vacation and should take days off from normal activities. Furthermore, elk hunting is among some of the most challenging hunting processes, since they generally live in wilderness areas or even in nature preservers, making it difficult to track these animals. These animals are members of the deer family; however, they are larger and their size makes them more difficult to kill compared to other games. This is an interesting activity defined by the equipment used, the physical conditioning, the mental attitude and the general preparation involved.

You can hunt easily or difficult, which means you have to penetrate through the woods to discover where these beautiful creatures live. The easiest way can be from glazing, stalking and calls, among other tricks.

Regardless of the history of these animals, the bottom line remains the same. You still need to hunt strong and smart to succeed or you’ll just get lucky. This article delves into this activity and describes tips that will help you in certain aspects of hunting.

Elk explained

The elk also known as wapiti is one of the largest deer species in the world. The animal is considered one of the largest mammals in East Asia and North America. This species of deer is native to these two regions, but has been introduced and adapted well in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Argentina.

They are vulnerable to several infectious diseases, which can spread significantly to livestock.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

Now, let’s see some basic facts about these animals that will help you become a better hunter.


Normally, adults live in single-sex meetings most of the times of the year. When it is mating time (the routine), the mature bulls emerge to compete for the attention of the cows. In most cases, rival bulls will roar, walk from side to side and be parallel to each other in an attempt to challenge opponents.

This type of activity allows the combat bulls to evaluate the dexterity, the size of the body and the horns of each one. The bulls have strong vocalization, which constitutes a bulge. In general, cows are attracted to the bull that pumps harder and more often.

The reproduction

The breeding season for the animals begins in August and runs through October. The mating period is commonly known as the routine. A unique characteristic of this period is that a mature bull has the tendency to gather harems of females to mate. To maintain the leadership of the harem, the dominant bull will have to fight against other bulls in the search.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

A veteran bull can gather from twenty to sixty cows in a single harem and young bulls can be invited to travel along with the herds. However, they will not be accepted by women, not until they are between two and three years old. Normally, a woman’s gestation period is approximately eight and a half months.

Migration and diet

The moose really have deer instincts, considering that they migrate accordingly. During the spring, mountain species travel to higher altitude areas. They do it in the attempt to follow the opposite direction and removing the snows in the fall. They prefer sheltered valleys and wooded areas to protect themselves from the wind during the winter.

Unlike their mountain counterparts, Roosevelt species are not migratory due to the lower periodic variability of the food bases. These animals are ruminants and are mainly shepherds and also browse.

They tend to feed during the morning and afternoon hours. Between meals, they will seek shelter to digest meals. Its diet varies from tree shoots and herbs in summer, tree bark in winter and grass as a basic supplement.

Moose habitat

The key feature of its habitat is the mountainous terrain. In general, they prefer steep areas with lots of wood, which are usually remote with few roads. The most optimal habitat is a clearing of grass in the proximity of heavy forests.

The bulls have the tendency to safeguard their fragile antlers by residing in open fields during the summer. The rest of the year you will find the animals located in heavy forests, which provide security for hunters and also protect against bad weather. Rarely will they wander away from a dense cover, unless it is winter.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

Roosevelt elk reside in the thickest wood, mainly in the steep rain forest. Such environments are incredibly thick, so it is practically impossible for hunters to cross them without the help of a machete. The unique cover is defined by a variety of evergreens, such as hardwoods, pines, firs, closures, cedars and firs.

The undergrowth of the cover is composed of young trees with tolerance to shade, ferns and some unique species of berries. In general, rainfall is unjustified and fog is always present for most of the year. With such a descriptive habitat; Without a doubt, the hunting of these animals is a serious task.

The best moose hunting tips.

Field judge wisely a bull

If you are looking for a good wall trophy, you should be quick to judge the quality of a bull’s antlers before firing. There are three basic ways to do this. First, count the points: a good trophy will have at least six points on each side. Second, estimate the length of the beam of each pole and, third, make sure that the tips of the bull reach their snout.

Do not see yourself twice in the same place because of your goal

He should take advantage of any movement if his target unexpectedly stops chewing his slime to declare in his position. This is regardless of how stubborn the position may be, and it must remain stationary until its target turns its head. However, if you can not remain still after being seen due to the clumsiness of your position, you may choose to adopt a more comfortable position by lowering yourself to the ground.

Archery can only be made at one point

This is one of the most important moose hunting tips to remember if you are using an archery crossbow. This is because there is a proper position to shoot. According to experts, the following objectives are unethical: shots in the shoulders, shots in the neck and any other objective.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

The best place to shoot and kill the animal in the right way is a shot aimed directly behind the animal’s shoulder. This will pierce your heart and / or lungs.

Do not use the scope of your rifle to detect a potential target

You should not try to use the range of your rifle to detect a target when hunting in a large country. Instead, you should use your telescope or binoculars to distinguish the movements in the far interior. The risk of using the scope of the rifle to detect targets is to target a completely different object, such as your hunting partner.

Practice long distance shooting before a hunting session

You should know that shooting from a long distance is an essential skill to hunt in the open field. I should be comfortable taking pictures of three hundred meters and beyond. Make sure to use your hunting rifle when practicing; This will ensure that your long-range shooting is accurate and less problematic. In fact, the probability of hitting vital organs will be high.

Prepare a surprise attack in the afternoon.

You should not give up a pack when you see a target feeding in a clearing early in the day. A herd leaves the fields to sleep under cover during the day. They will return to their exact feeding place in the late afternoon. You can; Therefore, arrange a surprise attack in the middle of the day.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

Just make sure you are well positioned behind a barrier at the edge of the clearing. Do not use the same route they took, since they will use the same route to return to their initial position.

Position the lure in favor of the wind.

Once you have accessed the feed source early in the morning, go ahead and place your decoy downwind from where you anticipate that the bull will enter the open land. Make sure your lure is visible, but it must be within range of shooting. It is advisable to spray a little fragrance in the air. Always be at least twenty yards downwind.

Common decoy mistakes to avoid

The lures will usually take the bulls to the firing range while searching for the source of their vocation. However, they can significantly alert bulls if they are not used properly. The errors that should be avoided when setting up a decoy include: not wearing gloves when setting up a decoy; pour camouflage and placing a decoy in the middle of a road.

You can see the end of season bulls from a higher elevation

You should definitely add this tip to your list of elk hunting tips. It is likely that you can find older bulls at higher elevations at the end of the season.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

From higher elevations, the bulls can be far from the rest of the pack. Therefore, you can glass for them from below. Make sure that the patterns where they feed and rest and sets a stem.

Change an advantage position to fully cover an area

You should not discard an area as empty if you do not see any objective from a specific point of advantage. Try as much as possible to cover an area from a variety of points of view. This is one of the most useful moose hunting tips, since changing the points of advantage increases the chances of detecting a target.

Essential elements of hunting and equipment.

Success in hunting these creatures requires that you are fully prepared when it comes to hunting elements and equipment. There are several essential elements and equipment that you must have, including: fabrics, food and water, meat care, night equipment and hunting equipment.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

The night team includes: tent / bivy for shelter; pillow and sleeping bag; and toothpaste and brush. Meat care includes: cooler, sharpening tools, processing knives, game bags and Paracord.

The essential foods and water include: water bottle, energy bars, water purifier, mixed nuts, instant oatmeal and summer sausage, stove with fuel, aluminum cooker, MRE and performance supplements. Clothing, which includes: boots, gloves, socks, sock linings, balaclava, hat, basic clothing, underwear and waterproof clothing.

Hunting equipment:

  • Big game lures
  • Shipowners’ camp
  • Black powder
  • Lights
  • Optics
  • Hunting rifle (complete package)
  • Ammunition
  • Archery
  • After the shot
  • Knives and tools
  • Survival navigation
  • Hunting shoes

Some of the best hunting gear accessories you can buy.

Montana Decoy Cow Elk 1

This is one of the most famous lures that you can buy as a hunter. This unique lure works perfectly well during any part of the season and throughout the country. This is an easy to use and effective lure, due to its unique design that is defined by a 12 by 12 inch transport package and a real photo that imitates the ultimate realism.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

You will be surprised with the craftsmanship of this product. The sleeves of the posts are well sewn and the posts are well designed. The shake of this product will attract all the bulls that are near the patio.


  • Stake posts included
  • The design consists of steel springs, polyester and cotton.
  • With resources for all parts of the season
  • It exhibits definite realism that a bull can not resist.
  • Folds up to twelve-inch diameter disc.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it on Amazon.

Montana lure miss September feed

Montana Seignorial September is what you need to attract hunting, especially in late season situations or hard hunting areas. This product is designed primarily to calm cautious bulls. The need to feed motivates a shy bull to get away from the routine. The design of this lure is the capacity for twisting by 22 by 13 inches and weighs thirty-three ounces, which facilitates installation and transport.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

This is the diva you need in a moose country if you’re serious about hunting for one. This will work perfectly well on an archery. The bulls will enter the call and will be locked in the Miss September.


  • It weighs 33 oz.
  • The torsion is folded to 22 inches x 13 inches.
  • Useful for season ends and hard hunting areas.
  • Full vivid image printed on both sides.
  • Avant-garde posts equipped with staggered stakes add support.

Do you like this product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

Eberlestock Mini Me Hydro Pack

This is the kind of backpack you need when you prepare for a hunting expedition. It has a contemporary expansion system.

All you have to do is start unzipping the zipper envelope of the bag, to free up additional space. The space that will open after unzipping can be deep enough to carry an A2SS scope rifle holster.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

This is the type of bag that will allow you to carry a weapon of your choice. This is a great bag for hunting, as it has a compact design with enough space for all needs.


  • Weighs only three pounds and eight ounces
  • It has a zipper waist belt that closes with zip inside the pockets
  • It is a source of one hundred ounces of hydrating bladder.
  • It has a capacity of 400 cubic feet in the main bag and a capacity of 900 cubic feet in the folding bird bag
  • It has a conventional apparent expansion system.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it here.

ALPS Outdoor Hunting Pack EPS

Traverse EPS is what hunters need. This inimitable package has a modular design, consisting of an expandable pocket to hold a gun or a bow. When configured in transport mode, you can transport lures, meat and additional equipment. The package design allows you to do what you want with the bag. It is made of durable material that does not hook branches.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

The main cubicle is large enough for your compressed sleeping bag along with additional equipment. You will love the way the package of bags opens to provide additional storage.


  • Ventilated to transport game
  • Perfect for larger products (bulky clothing, camera arms and tripods)
  • Equipped with a quilted pocket for sighting
  • It has 3,300 cubic feet of main storage and 1,200 additional cubic feet after unpacking.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it at Amazon.

Crossbow package Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood

This unique fabricated archery weighs only seven pounds and is designed to produce speeds that reach 350 fps along with 109 ft./lbs. This is a good power for a big game. The sisterhood crossbow also features a high-energy cam system and is installed with Barnett’s ADF firing system.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

With the brotherhood crossbow, you can successfully knock down your target without further ado.


  • 350 FPS with 109 feet / pounds.
  • STR magnesium riser
  • Cable and wire thread system.
  • Front grip and finger reminder
  • Light composite stock
  • Three, twenty-inch headhunter arrows
  • Reach multireticle 4 by 32.
  • Quiver of three arrows
  • Nineteen inches axle to axle.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package

This is a good piece for hunters, because it is easy to handle and produces enough speed for perfect hunting. This is the best arc to shoot down a potential fighter, which is guaranteed by the 300 FPS.

Elk Hunting: Facts, Tips, And Hunting Essentials & Gear

Therefore, this is one of the best deals on contemporary archery of all time.


  • Adjustable stock
  • Air-conditioned storage
  • Complete with quiver and three twenty-inch arrows.
  • User manual

Do you like this great product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

In conclusion

When you hunt elk, you must not depend on luck to succeed. Instead, you must use all the information you have acquired from our article.

The detailed information provided in this document, including the various tips for moose hunting, should provide both beginners and experienced hunters with sufficient skills beyond conventional wisdom. If you are given the option of being good and being lucky in your search, always choose to be good. Success in hunting these animals depends largely on what you know about hunting.


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