It is not a question of any situation.

So we are doomed? By no means get there in an emergency get injured in it.

Most often with the city of man-made emergencies – It’s not a problem.

Of course, there are ways to prevent emergencies, help and eliminate the consequences. However, they are not prepared for situations of emergency. Moreover, it will save you time for help. Therefore, it doesn’t deny it.

In preparation for any emergency basis – information. Repeat from the estimated situation in which you can fall, assess your risk. For example, if you live near production, even food, there is a chance to be affected by a chemical accident. The most common is ammonia, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and less common substances. Filter box is recommended in this case – CD or Bkf.

Car accident

It’s not a problem. In the middle of the cabin. If you’re not able to help you. Learn to provide first aid for fractures, bleeding and bruises.


Here, it is easier to prevent than to fix. For example, it is necessary to keep in mind. It is not expensive to buy and keep a fire extinguisher available. It is a simple way to stay close to the floor. Do not create traction, opening wide open windows and doors.

It is important that you make it to the firefighters. What is the most valuable? Children, pets, family documents, proof of ownership, medical documents, and so on. There is no need to talk about it. It will be desirable to protect you from damage.

Therefore, it is recommended to place documents In this case, take out and take out. It’s not safe to keep copies of documents.

It is 2005, how many prepare recall. The entrance to the house. LED flashlights are not always dangerous but consumed. Wired broadcasting radio receiver. The battery chargers will come in handy. And, of course, for all this electronics. It doesn’t require additional power.
It is useful to keep in mind.

Chemical accident

It is clearly a matter of concern. If you take care of the whole family. Consider it. Often these accidents are associated with electricity, therefore, they are also relevant. It is important to ensure that there is a fire.

Natural disasters

Briefly highlighting These are hurricanes, heavy snowfalls, floods and so on. Again, first of all – an assessment of the situation. It can be seen that there is no supply. If you’ve recently met

As a rule, in a disaster situation, stock is in demand. water and of food. It is a good idea to take care of it. It turns out that for a couple of days – 24 liters of water. Remember that the storage water heater also has water. Observe the dark, cool place.

What food to stock up? First of all, that restores strength – carbohydrate and protein. It will be a little bit more than a product. Therefore, the emergency supply should not consist of the products you are accustomed to, which you regularly consume. This is also a beneficial effect.

Why three days? According to statistics, during this time, normal livelihoods. If you want more confidence, create a reserve for the week.

In stock social He said that he was anxiously trying to get an order.

Social disasters

Next, let’s touch on such a moment as evacuation – it may be necessary in case of a natural or social disaster. It is a carefully chosen pathway. According to statistics, it’s not a problem. Therefore, you will need to travel and travel bags for you. Where you are evacuated (blankets, bed linen), weather protection – raincoats, first aid kit. This should not be a problem.

When planning an evacuation, you should make up yourself supporting list of contacts – who to call, where to move, meeting place with relatives, and so on. Keep in mind in anticipation of an emergency, and distribute to all family members.

Those who make long trips, it is useful emergency stock in the car, off-road shovel for emergency care

If you are a woman, you can make the right decisions. If you’re not mentioned above, you can’t get it. Well, if you never apply our recommendations. It’s not a problem.

In the end, there can be a lot of ways …

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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